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Barovian Coins - Curse of Strahd (D&D)

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Coins of a very particular realm. 

3 solid metal coins in decorative bag.

Honored in Barovia, or wherever nightmares are traded.

Spend his grim visage wisely.


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Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Richard Jarrell
I can't wait to use these!

I plan to use these coins to replace my Pathfinder inspiration coins during the CoS campaign I am running. I'll then give one to each player at the end of the campaign. I was excited before, but once they arrived I struggled to not show them off too early.

Peter Christopoulos
Barovian Coins

Really nice coins. metal, heavy. Giving these out as change in a transaction properly traumatized my players as they drop the coins for fear it would return them to Barovia.

Seth Kelley

Barovian Coins from Curse of Strahd

Sunset Hollow
Hefty and wanting more

Bigger than a silver dollar and almost a full gram in weight, But 3 coins just isn't enough. Do yourself a favor and buy 2.

James Arama
Super cool, good clink

Plan on giving them to the players as completion tokens. They are super cool and well made. Strahd art and crest is detailed and really puts you in Barovia.