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BEHOLD NEW PHYREXIA! Limited Edition Set

BEHOLD NEW PHYREXIA! Limited Edition Set

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Not More Than 4,850 Made

This limited-run collector’s edition is for the Magic: The Gathering player who wants to exult in the glory of New Phyrexia.

What's in this Limited-Edition Set?

(All images represent work-in-progress renderings and are not final art. All elements and contents not final and subject to change until product ships.)

Phyrexian-themed artifact / deck box
This collector’s box is designed to look like it originated right out of The Fair Basilica, made of eerily alluring sinuous red growths covered by a porcelain-like exterior. Phyrexian phrases are carved into the sides, and the Phyrexian symbol adorns the top.
- Removable magnetic top with indentations for 2 sets of d10 life counters
- Built to hold EITHER a full Commander Deck or two Standard Decks
- Interior compartments: 2 to hold up to 65 sleeved cards each, and extra space to hold life counters, tokens, pencils, etc
- 6”L x 8”W x 2.5”H
- Resin

Four matching alloy d10 life counters
- Use the Phyrexian symbol for the “0”
- Fit perfectly into the indentations on the top of the box to track life for you and one opponent

Elesh Norn-themed card sleeves
- Includes 130 sleeves for your Commander deck + extras or two 60-card decks + extras

In-world Phyrexian language translation journal
- Read the journal of the Tolarian Academy researcher charged with translating “The Shard” obtained from Phyrexian sleeper agents on Dominaria. Use his notes to translate elements of this box, your Phyrexian language cards, and other instances of the language.
- Over 44 pages of in-world story and Phyrexian language details

Phyrexian paper craft and package box
- Paper craft opens to reveal the hard plastic case with limited-print card inside
- All packaged in a sleek Phyrexian-themed outer box


A Limited-print foil Phyrexian-text card
- Limited-print Phyrexian text Mental Misstep
- No more than the 4,850 found as part of this product will be sold
- Card will be placed in both a clear plastic sleeve and a hard plastic display case for extra protection during shipping

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