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Tal’Dorei Campaign Setting Reborn - Map Vault

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More battle maps set in Tal'Dorei.

Unroll, add minis, and start fighting.

Maps included in the Map Vault:

  • Crystalfen Caverns

  • Abdar’s Promenade

  • Greyfield Cemetary

  • Kraghammer Street

  • Port of Emon Docks

  • Skyship

  • Emon Sewers/Clasp Hideout

  • Dive Tavern

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Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Fantastic art, but less durable than what's in base product

When I saw how impressive the maps included in the box set were, I knew I wanted to treat myself to some more of these great maps. And the art does not disappoint.

However, what I didn't realize is that these maps were made of poster material, and not the same quality as the canvas maps included in the box. I'm TERRIFIED to pull them out knowing they're not nearly as durable and usable as what's included in the base product. Which is a shame because the fantastic art detailing the varied environments are BEGGING to be dropped in front of players.

Thanks for the review. The maps in the Map Tube are actually printed on a sturdier paper than the ones folded in the box - they're printed on 115lb Supreme, which gives them that smooth and shiny finish. Try taking them out and unrolling them on the table - they work great for us and we haven't had any issues with rips or tears as part of normal usage.

Christopher Lockwood
Goblin Shamans

The Goblin Shamans did a great job capturing Mercer and Lillard, using their steal thought spells for the copying and drawing/coloring of the maps and vault. Tell em to keep up the good work. Deeds don't go unrewarded.