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Holy Symbol of Ravenkind (D&D)

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A unique holy symbol sacred to the good-hearted faithful of Barovia, who are few and far between these days.

And they need your help.

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Customer Reviews

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Matthew McGill

Holy Symbol of Ravenkind (D&D)

Quality Replica

Detailed, with a good bit of weight to it. Will surely do well in keeping the undead at bay.

Zak Jaconelli
Holy Symbol is fantastic, shipping price is questionable

The holy symbol is fantastic and my partner loves it, nice and solid. My only concern is with the cost of the shipping to the UK was high for such a small, unboxed item and the 30+ days to arrive, I don’t mind expensive shipping but it should be quicker than that.


Every item Ive ordered from B&G is perfect. There is something about the weight of a metal badge, coin, or in this case, amulet that makes the imaginary more real. I'm a very happy customer and this is a wonderful addition to my game!

The goblin at B&G cares

The Goblin at B&G should be commended! Give her a new cape with nifty pocketses. Give her a promotion with free lunches! She deserves it! She went above and beyond to quickly take care of me and my adventurers. As DM of a middle school D&D club, I was in a difficult position when my Holy Symbol needed replacing. The goblin must have caste haste on herself, because I had a new holy symbol in the hands of our cleric just in the neck of time (yes, my puns bite). You see, they were up against Strahd in the next game, so the Goblin saved the lives of many children adventurers by getting the holy symbol shipped to us in time!