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Order of the Gauntlet Pendant (D&D)

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Knights bold and true.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Andrew Titus
Good, but shy of great

The detail is amazing on the pendant itself, but it’s fairly light feeling. Not quite as heavy feeling as I’d like it. But it’s amazing none the less.

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Glenn Moyer
Love the design

Though it almost looks delicate, the pendant is sturdy and the design is bold. It is considerably smaller than the faction badges, it has gorgeous details. The chain is extra long, so you may want to shorten it if you're not a big person.

Garrett Hughes
Great product

Great quality. It made the game session fun.

Had to buy another one

Was DMing my sons, one of which was playing a paladin. During the adventure he was invited to join the Order of the Gauntlet. Handed him this necklace and he immediately put it on. Over two years later he still will wear this out and about. Really well made and very nice looking.

Patrick Keeffe
A fine proof of honor

Purchased recently at GaryCon, just arrived. looks absolutely fantastic and the low hanging chain will frame anyone's face well.