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Tal’Dorei Campaign Setting Reborn - Arcane Tier (Critical Role)

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Tal’Dorei Campaign Setting Reborn - Arcane Tier includes:

  • Tal’Dorei Campaign Setting Reborn, all broken down into separate books, so the players can have their bits and the GM theirs:
    • Gazetteer - GMs version and player version
    • New character options including subclasses, backgrounds and feats
    • New magic items and Vestiges of Divergence
    • Allies & Adversaries of Tal'Dorei
  • Battle Maps
  • Area Maps
  • Custom GM Screen
  • Encounter Cards
  • Jewelry
  • Bonus Encounters
  • In-World Handouts

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Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Jeremy Cartwright
Great tools to run a Campaign

I was amazed at the detail in the pins & canvas map. The different cards for monsters & treasure were a great way to make it easier on the DM to find the stat blocks. I love how they broke the main book into little books to make it easier to navigate!


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Jirka Baláž
Best possible variant of D&D box

Worth all the money. Great quality. Awesome DM screen. Perfect handouts for variety games, that can be used over and over. Usefull smaller softcore books for better preparing for games.

Michael Carricato
Outstanding box of awesome

The quality and quantity of goodness in this box set is overwhelming. You get a beautiful canvas map of the world, 4 double-sided battle maps, 60+ encounter cards, a heavy duty DM screen, magic item cards, 3 metal coins, 3 beautiful pieces of in-world jewelry, the exploded book in softcover sections...and, my favorite part of any RPG set, an unbelievable number of high-end handouts; two-dozen by my count, and they are beautiful and clever and draw your players into the world; on top of these, there is a players version of the gazetteer booklet, which not only removes all of the DM info, but is reformatted to look and read like an in-world guide to Tal'Dorei; essentially another giant handout.

All in all, this is one of my favorite Beadle & Grimm's deluxe boxed editions. Don't hesitate on this one. It is definitely worth the pricetag. Even the box is cool. The top has metallic print; the bottom looks like a crate with the warning "Caution, contains arcane components" Clever and beautiful on every level