"Hahahahah. This game is fun! Also, you're dead."

- Me

So an entire party using rogue tactics didn’t work out as well as the players maybe thought it would.

There might, somewhere, be a land-speed record for a total party kill in a first level dungeon. Whoever owns that record can breathe a little easier because while my group almost beat it, Bob somehow survived the rust monsters in room 1B. 

A fair bit of arguing followed about whose body should be dragged out first for healing. Fortunately room 1B was only a few squares from the entrance, so after a fair bit of dragging and performative looting by Bob, the party was back in town and revitalized, though they have less coin than when they started and all their weapons are falling apart.

It was, as they say, a good start.

And while most of the evening involved the nitwits concocting an idiotic plan of attack, then screwing it up and nearly getting killed, I quite enjoyed it. I found that GMing differed from management, my day job, in one crucial way. I get to punish idiocy with immediate death. 

I went home after the game, had a few drinks, kissed Mrs Supreme Marketing goblin goodnight, and dreamed of rust monsters running amok in the next all-team meeting.

Goblin Simulator: Episode 4: Rust Monsters Never Sleep

Disclaimer: These thoughts are solely Charlie Rehor's and do not represent Beadle & Grimm's or Wizards of the Coast.