It's that time again. Gen Con!


Well, since it's 2020, it's Virtual Gen Con, and while we'll certainly miss seeing all of you in the flesh, and ringing up extravagant bar tabs on the company card, we are determined to make the best of it, as are the folks at Gen Con, bless their hearts.


So, in lieu of running amok on Dragon Stout, we're going to spend some time in the strange and slightly frightening land of Twitch. A stream, as it were, or several streams, each packed with good intentions, and, dare I say, little slivers of intrigue.


Like the festive slivers of glass we put in the HR Trolls coffee every morning*, we have sprinkled our Twitching schedule with slots labeled Intrigue. Whatever could they mean, you ask? Is it simply that Beadle & Grimm's crack marketing team hasn't figured out a way to fill the hours rashly promised in an overoptimistic caffeine rush when schedules were due?**


Not at all. We're the pointy end of a finely honed marketing engine here. And there will be full hours. Full, as I'd established easier, of intrigue.


This seems to have looped in on itself so I'll let it wheeze to a halt and end with the tentative schedule of nonsense we have for you. Check our Twitching Channel for more info as we get it. And beware intrigue!***


Oh, and before you ask, yes, there will be another drunken mailbag. Our livers have been naughty and must be punished.


Beadle & Grimm's Gen Con 2020 Schedule (Tentative, check our Twitch Channel for changes):


Thursday July 30

10am Pacific

* B&G Gen Con Kickoff

* Intrigue!


3pm Pacific

* Intrigue!


4pm Pacific

* Guest


5pm Pacific

* Watch Party for Realmsmith


Friday July 31

6pm Pacific

* General revelry


7pm Pacific

* Drunken Mailbag


Saturday August 1

9am Pacific

* Recriminations and apologies regarding Drunken Mailbag (Offline)


9:30am Pacific

* Intrigue!


2pm-4pm Pacific

* General revelry

* Guests!


Sunday August 2

2pm to 4pm Pacific

* More revelry

* Guests!




Thanks again,

Supreme Marketing Goblin


* Sadly, with no discernible result.

** It's a fare cop. Also, shut up.

*** Also ground glass in your coffee.