Order of the Gauntlet Pin (D&D)

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Award the character with the title of "Chevall" and hand over this pin when they first join the Order of the Gauntlet.

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Lovely piece, very pleased with the look, my player will love it.

Roy Barber
GREAT Service and some Awesome Pins!

As a DM playing with six players in our two-year long Rime of the Frostmaiden DnD 5e adventure, the players had been recruited into a secret organisation called the Order of the Frozen Gauntlet, something I totally made up for the adventure which included a floating backstory to help them out with steers and goals.

Well, as they finished a huge part of the Campaign I wanted to reward their excellent play with something cool and different - and lo and behold after an internet image search I found these Pins - which were an almost exact match to the design I had created for the Order of the Frozen Gauntlet! :-)

Living in Sydney, Australia, I knew the postage would be crazy so I contacted the awesome team at B&Gs and they sorted me a great deal since I took their last six Pins. The guys were a delight to deal with.

They arrived individually packed in awesome little (quality) drawstring bags, and so after a quick wash with some blue inks for the desired effect, and a spray of satin varnish - I presented them to the players.

They were utterly over the moon, and when I told them the story they were blown away - happy players indeed!

Great service from the team at B&Gs, and these pins were very high-quality (and heavy!), with twin clasped-pins on the back, sturdy construction and excellent finishing.

5 stars out of 5 - thanks guys!!!!!!!

Timothy Adams
Beautiful items, but…

Overall the quality from B&G is always great; minor defects notwithstanding. Having those two contrasts being said, the pins are beautiful and well designed and crafted, but the prongs were bent, even one pretty severely. I fixed them carefully and successfully. I didn’t want to exchange them or report it due to the limited quality. I would love to see a resupply of these gorgeous pins soon; I want the whole set.