Murders at Karlov Manor: The Case of the Three Blade Knife (MTG)

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The Case of the Three Blade Knife 

Gather around the table with friends for a game night you’ll never forget! Work together to connect the evidence and unlock the secrets of The Case of the Three Blade Knife murder mystery game.

Anyone who is a fan of murder mystery games will love The Case of the Three Blade Knife. Players familiar with the Magic: The Gathering world of Ravnica will relish the immersive story elements - but no previous knowledge of Magic: The Gathering is needed to play the game!

Pore through Lead Inspector Tam Sennic’s evidence and use the augmented reality embedded in your Ravnican Agency of Magicological Investigations (RAMI) badge (3" x 3" by Pinfinity) to identify suspects and bring a killer to justice!

60-120 minutes of game time
1+ Players
Ages 14+


Pinfinity AR
Pinfinity is evolving the world of collecting by combining augmented reality experiences with their high-quality patented pins for fans of entertainment franchises. Pinfinity partners with awesome brands like Beadle & Grimm's and other major studios, game companies, comics publishers, and personalities to develop licensed and exclusive drops. 

Customer Reviews

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Cool evening with friends

Played the game with my regular d&d team... although none of us are into MTG, everything went great... seriously, great materials, nice story line, and it was easy to add some music to build up the atmosphere of that evening of murder mystery... The app was a bit tedious to use, and at some point felt a bit unecessary... but otherwise everything else was great !!! The only negative point is you can't play it again ! arghhh... will have to lend it to some friends in other groups (not sell it... I'm keeping all my B&G sutff !!! lol)... a bit high priced at almost 80$ CAN (including that damn shiping and custom), but luckily pre ordered it or else it would have cost around 100$ CAN.

Peter H
A well thought-out mystery

I played through this mystery with my wife and our teenage kids (some of the themes wouldn't have been suitable for younger children). While the nature of the first phase of the mystery seemed very open-ended at first, tracking through the events and using the interactive app soon had us hooked. The second phase of the mystery made for a very satisfying conclusion.

Ditch the app

This game was really fun, it was the first game of this type I played. The app was super frustrating, we were all trying to get the screen to load with our cameras looking at the pin but it was so spotty. We were joking how that was like the hardest part of the game (the true boss if you will). A trick though, there is a picture of the pin in the handbook just point your camera at that and it sends to load easier. Really wish they’d make these a little cheaper and put them on like a subscription service. There isn’t much replay ability so having a new one like every few months would be super cool set in the same world. Or even could make them in the dnd world also. Very cool though, I had a lot of fun with it. Took a 5 person group 4hrs haha.