Whether you’re new to Dungeons & Dragons or have been playing since the beginning, we welcome you to join us in celebrating

Dungeons & Dragons 50th Anniversary

Gold Anniversary Edition of Quests from the Infinite Staircase

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CHOOSE YOUR BOX COVER from 1 of 3 unique designs. Each design uses one of the unique doors from the Infinite Staircase, and when opened, reveals one of the iconic denizens of that adventure.

Cover Choices: The Lost City


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Gold Anniversary Edition

To celebrate Dungeons & Dragons’ updating these classic adventures for fifth edition, Beadle & Grimm’s has created a premium edition set that celebrates not only the six adventures that represent pieces of D&D history, but also the unique world that was the early days of Dungeons & Dragons.

*All images and content lists subject to final approval and may change prior to final production.

6 Classic Modules

Updated for D&D's fifth edition

Rediscover 6 beloved adventures from the early days of D&D, updated in this collection that will take players from 1st to 13th level. Whether you have fond memories of playing these back in the day, or are curious to experience first-hand how the world’s greatest roleplaying game got its start, these six adventures will take you and your players on an epic journey through exotic lands with unforgettable characters.

  • The Lost City
  • When a Star Falls
  • Beyond the Crystal Cave
  • Pharaoh
  • The Lost Caverns of Tsojcanth
  • Expedition to the Barrier Peaks


First, choose from 1 of 3 unique box cover designs for your Gold Anniversary Edition.

Each cover design uses one of the unique doors from the Infinite Staircase, and when opened, reveals one of the iconic denizens of that adventure. Choose from: The Lost City, The Lost Caverns of Tsojcanth, or Expedition to the Barrier Peaks

And inside the outer box wrap is an exclusive Infinite Staircase battle map!



Once you’ve chosen your box cover, dig into the immersive contents of your Gold Anniversary Edition:

  • All six adventures and the Infinite Staircase chapter, broken down into easy-to-manage booklets
  • Artifacts for key elements of the adventures, including 6 spaceship access cards for Expedition to the Barrier Peaks, 4 leaf keys for Beyond the Crystal Cave, and 12 temporary tattoos for The Lost City
  • 27 epic Battle Maps - areas chosen for their major battles and boss fights - all folded and placed in a high-quality map case that can be used to organize and carry your elements to your next game
  • Custom DM Screen with original art on the front and packed with adventure-specific information inside
  • 19 in-world handouts and bonus art pieces to immerse your players in the adventures
  • 55 Encounter Cards, including 5 oversized cards for creatures that are just too epic to fit on the standard size
  • 20 dry-erase ‘technology’ cards for when the players find the futuristic gear in Expedition to the Barrier Peaks; have all the stats and keep track of charges
  • 3 exclusive bonus encounters to expand on the worlds of the adventures
  • Additional DM and Player Aids to streamline gameplay, including 26 appended at-a-glance DM maps and 26 pieces of art broken out of the book for easy sharing
  • Coin of Completion to commemorate adventures well run

NOTE: Content list and art not final and may change in final production.

Custom DM Screen

Adventure across the Infinite Staircase

55 Encounter Cards

Monsters & NPCs

Art for the classic monsters and NPCs from all six adventures with updated stats on the back.

Epic Monsters

Oversized Monster Cards

These Epic Monsters deserve an epic treatment for when the players meet them, so we've create 5 oversized encounter cards to fully deliver both the epic art and the epic stat block.

Also, did we mention they're epic?

50th Anniversary Adventure Scrapbook

And finally, no trip back to the early days of Dungeons & Dragons would be complete without a scrapbook recording the wicked awesomeness of those original game sessions! So we’re including a fictional recreation of a DM’s notebook from back then—or at least what we’re sure a DM’s notebook could have looked like…

Full of art from the original modules, notes from game sessions, and DM tips from a classic, expert DM.

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Honestly, at this price I felt like I stole it. The thing is amazing like all their products, filled with extras and coolness. I don’t play Pathfinder, but this will port right into any fantasy RPG setting with whatever modifications you deem necessary. Get this and port into your campaign.


Absolutely amazing. Literally everything you need to run the entire campaign start to finish. Takes a LOT of prep time out for the GM. I’ll be coming back for another legendary module after this one is done.


Amazing! While some of the extras aren’t necessarily for me, it did make me feel like I was 12 again opening that new module or box set. For what you receive, I’ll call this a bargain. Definitely will buy all legendary and above products in the future.