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Behold New Phyrexia! FAQ

Product FAQ

What's in the box?

  • You should find the following items in your Behold New Phyrexia! shipping box:
    • Two packs of 65 Elesh Norn card sleeves
    • One black Behold New Phyrexia! product box, inside of which you will find:
      • Papercraft with the Mental Misstep card in a clear card sleeve within a hard plastic case
      • In-world "Tolarian Academy" Phyrexian translation journal
      • Phyrexian artifact deck box, inside of which you will find:
        • Four metal Phyrexian D10 spindown dice

Full Contents of Set (SPOILERS):

  • Check out the full contents of the set (BUT don't watch this until you've opened yours!):

How does the Phyrexian artifact deck box work?

  • Check out our Deck Box FAQ video to see how it works:

Ordering & Shipping FAQ

Magic: the Gathering Limited Edition Product

  • Unlike most MTG products, Behold New Phyrexia! is limited to no more than 4,850 units. If you’re familiar with our products, that’s a lot more than we made for our Kamigawa Platinum and Silver Editions, and quite a bit less than what we made for our Here Be Dragons Secret Lair. 
  • Each Behold New Phyrexia! product has a unique series number sticker to uniquely identify each set.
  • We are NOT able to offer specific numbers or a range of numbers to customers.


  • There will be a limit of 1 box per order for the first 48 hours. After the first 48 hours, we've removed the that limit.
  • This is a pre-order purchase and customers will be charged in full at time of purchase. Cancellations can be made up until shipping for a full refund.
  • Payment may be made using a debit or credit card (including Visa, Mastercard, Discover, American Express), Google Pay, or PayPal (in relevant countries).
  • ShopPay Installment payments are available for this product, although availability is determined by Shopify’s credit check and B&G has no control over that.
  • Payments are made securely through Shopify’s secure payment gateway. Beadle & Grimm’s does not store or have access to any personal payment information.
  • If you did not receive an email confirming your order, first check your junk, promotions or spam folders. Please verify first that the confirmation email did not get sent to one of these folders. This can also take a few minutes after the purchase is successfully made. If your email still cannot be located, please contact us at and provide us with your purchase details so we may verify your purchase status and send a confirmation email back to you.

International Orders

  • All products will be shipped from our US warehouse using Passport Shipping. This means that we will collect and pay import fees and customs duties on your behalf at checkout.
  • Where possible, shipping, taxes and duties/VAT (UK and EU) are calculated and charged at time of purchase based on your Shipping Address. Shipping for these will be labeled "DDP," which means they are "Delivered Duties Paid." Where this is not possible, the shipping option will be "DDU" which means "Delivered Duties Unpaid." If your shipping option is marked as "DDU," you will be responsible for duties and/or taxes upon delivery.
  • We are not currently shipping to Russia or Ukraine due to the ongoing conflict. Shipments to some countries (i.e., Brazil) may require additional information before shipping.


  • This is a pre-order. Product is expected to ship in Early August 2023. Regular email updates will be provided during the shipping process.
  • Beadle & Grimm’s is working with Passport Shipping to ship this product globally, except where sanctions or other limits prevent payment processing or delivery.
  • We're doing our best to make sure our international shipments are problem-free. Passport Shipping will ship each order directly from their US warehouse to each recipient using the most efficient carrier available.

Cancellation, Refunds and Returns

  • Orders may be canceled up until shipment date. Once your order has shipped to you, the order is considered final and you cannot cancel your order.
  • Returns of unopened products will be accepted for a full refund minus shipping costs up to 30 days from date of shipping.
  • Due to the limited edition nature of this product, we cannot accept returns on opened products.
  • Defective elements or elements damaged during shipping will be replaced as long as supplies allow; a refund or credit will be issued for shipping-damaged or defective elements once replacement supplies are no longer available. Proof of damage/defect and proof of disposal required for refunds or replacements.

Address Changes and Updates

  • Prior to shipping, we will send out an Address Verification emails to every customer verifying your shipping address before final shipment. 
  • If you need to change your shipping address or update your personal information prior to local shipping, you can submit your updated information to or via our Contact Us page.

Damage and Defects:

  • By the time you receive your BEHOLD NEW PHYREXIA! Limited Edition Set, it will likely have traveled a great distance. Damage to the outer box, inner box packaging and cardboard tray elements are inevitable and expected.
  • The papercraft element is there to enhance the fun and excitement of revealing your BEHOLD NEW PHYREXIA! products and not meant to be a collectible item.
  • Damage to or defects in the actual card, journal, life counter deck box, or card sleeves can be reported to by emailing a picture of the damage or defect. Replacements will be offered where appropriate while supplies last and refunds offered if no more replacements are available.
  • All requests for replacements must include the Beadle & Grimm's Order Number and the unique box number from the set in question.

    Customer Service and Support

    • To contact Beadle & Grimm’s about any support or service questions or issues, you can email
    • If you need to change your shipping address or update your personal information prior to local shipping, please email with your updated information. Your shipping address cannot be changed once you receive your local shipping notification, so double check your information to make sure its correct