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Character Class Dice: The Alchemist

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You are the alchemist, and these are your bombs...err, dice. Your fire needs no patron, deity or spellbook—just a steady hand and a well-researched recipe. Sure, philosophers say that creation is more noble than destruction, but who do those philosophers call when they're besieged by an army of hobgoblins?

Pull the pin on this box and watch it explode with 14 dice in two colors, including extra d6s and d8s for your favorite lethal combustibles. Lob them into battle and tell your companions to shrug off the splash—after all, COLLATERAL DAMAGE IS PART OF YOUR CHARM!

Set includes:
Orange: D4, D6, D8, D10, D100, D12, D20
Red: 3D6, 3D8, D20

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Customer Reviews

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Kyle Brown
Very cool dice set

Couldn't resist grabbing the Alchemist class dice set. Artwork is cool. Dice are slick and solid. My only complaint is that the metal case came dented, but it wasn't a big deal.


I just got this, and it is one of the the best dice related products I have ever bought.


Character Class Dice: The Alchemist

James Petree (CyberPaladin)
Create Your Concoctions With This Alchemist B&G Dice Set!

This set grabs your attention quickly as the orange/dark marbled main set has bright white inking, making very good contrast. The light orange marbled additional dice have a red inking, which can be a touch difficult to read on a few facets. The coloring compliments the alchemist class with its bright colors nicely. The tin has multiple shades on it, making the artwork really pop! This tin possibly stands out the most in coloring as you can see several colors in the shading as the alchemist admires their handy work.


This set didn't come shrink wrapped so I wouldn't suggest taking them internally, however I wouldn't suggest that even if they were. Otherwise: Just like the picture/description says, gotta love the bespoke class dice. Can I go home now?