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Character Class Dice: The Ranger

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You are the ranger. These are your dice. You see and hear what the others can't. Let them clomp and tromp and chatter endlessly; you move silently and strike suddenly. You are one with the natural world, and its power flows through you.

Open this tine and release 14 dice from captivity, including extra d6s for your off-hand weapon and extra d8s for your deadly longbow.


Open Game License v 1.0a Copyright 2000, Wizards of the Coast, Inc. System Reference Document 5.0 Copyright 2016, Wizards of the Coast, Inc.; Authors Mike Mearls, Jeremy Crawford, Chris Perkins, Rodney Thompson, Peter Lee, James Wyatt, obert J. Schwalb, Bruce R. Cordell, Chris Sims, and Steve Townshend, based on original material by E. Gary Gygax and Dave Arneson.

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Customer Reviews

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The Ranger will like this Yogi

Starting with the outside, the art is wonderful. Would have liked some sort of animal companion, but the image does evoke Ranger. Green is a natural color choice and here it is a beautiful green.
The inside can be used as a smaller dice tray. Rolling inside the tray makes a satisfying sound.
The dice are well made. Not much weight so if used to metal may not realize you are holding them. The d20 does not follow the de facto standard of opposite sides adding to 21, but they seem to roll just fine.
The description says extra d6, but there are only 3. Would like to see 4d6 in every set, unless this set assumes you already have rolled the character attribute scores.
And careful with the tin. They do scratch so just throwing them in the backpack may not be a great idea.
Another great B&G offering!


Just like the picture/description says, gotta love the bespoke class dice. Does it sound like I am repeating myself? I feel like I am repeating myself...