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Coin of Completion: Curse of Strahd

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Celebrate your completion of Curse of Strahd

Award it to your players (the ones that made it through in one piece anyway) or keep it for yourself for running the game.

TPD (Total Party Discount): Buy 5+ coins in any combination and save 15% (discount shown at checkout)

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Customer Reviews

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Will the Coin of Completion: Curse of Strahd be brought back into stock for sale?

Yes! We've placed a restock order and hope to get them in soon! Thanks!

James Petree (CyberPaladin)
Back In Black!

What can I say about this phenomenal coin of completion?! It's Strahd, it's dark, it's hefty, it's bad*ss! Each of the coins of completion have their own aesthetic, finish, and tone. How often have you seen a coin this dark? This one has the Holy Symbol of Ravenkind on one side and some feathers and beautiful scroll work on the other. I can't wait for this one to be proudly displayed... now if the party I'm taking through the campaign would just survive. Even just one of them...

Great idea! Cool coins with one minor complaint!

I got several of the campaign coins - Saltmarsh, Dragonheist, Avernus, and Curse of Strahd. I like them all except my one issue is with the Strahd Coin. The all black coin is a bit harder to read and make out the details. The other coins look better. I would have preferred Strahd to be a mist color or something that shows up better.

Thanks for your feedback!

William Salvatori

Superb item to have to give to players and DMs alike.

Felt my soul being sucked into it!

Flat black and ominous. This coin of completion definitely represents Curse of Strahd. Must have if you already own the Legendary box. Or even if you don't!