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Council of Tal'Dorei Pin (Critical Role)

Council of Tal'Dorei Pin (Critical Role)

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The Republic of Tal'Dorei is ruled by a standing council that is always looking for heroes to recruit. Agents of the council can wear this badge proudly... and maybe use it to get out of trouble with the law. Trouble that, let's face it, was probably self-inflicted. 

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Customer Reviews

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Michael Perry

Got this to wear for a Star Trek/Critical Role crossover costume and I love it. Worth the purchase, will use it again in different contexts for sure. High quality, realistic, rugged prop. The most realistic Council Badge you will find this side of the Delta Quadrant - er, Tal’Dorei. Only concern I have is with the rubber dammits - they will wear out more quickly than metal ones over time. No biggie, head down to the replicator and get some new ones.

jason faulkner

Council of Tal'Dorei Pin (Critical Role)

Simply stunning

Can see why the Tal'Dorei Council was so interesting to players in Campaign 2. I mean, you get to wear one of these!
Maybe the most beautiful of all the badges/jewelry B&G has created, and that is saying something. Buy it for that someone special, like you!