DM Vault for Planescape: Adventures in the Multiverse (D&D)

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Welcome to the world of Planescape, where the weird and the wonderful walk the streets of Sigil every day. Explore the City of Doors and venture out in the Outlands in an amazing adventure designed for characters of levels 3–10 with a jump to level 17!

The DM Vault for Planescape: Adventures in the Multiverse comes in a beautifully embossed metal tin and is packed with everything you'll need to immerse your players in the world of Sigil and the Outlands:

  • TWO durable canvas Poster Maps: Sigil and the Outlands
  • TEN Battle Maps of important battles, including an original multi-purpose Sigil Street battle map
  • FORTY Encounter Cards of monsters in the adventure from Morte's Planar Parade
  • THREE Gold Razorleaf Coins and ONE Platinum Razorleaf Coin, all in a Fortune's Wheel pouch
  • SIX In-world handouts to give your players as they go through the adventure
  • Plenty of DM and Player Aids like the Esoteric & Planar Field Reporting Notebook and a stack of art broken out from the book
  • A 2-part bonus adventure that can tie in with the level 17 jump!
  • Does NOT include the books for the adventure

Customer Reviews

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Jay R
Great content, a few packaging issues

All of the contents are super high quality, lovely, and fit the setting and adventure perfectly. The only issue I have is the practicalities of the tin box. The box looks amazing and is such a strong idea… but the curved edges mash some of the content inside, creating folds and creases on any of the paper pieces not in the folder (encounter and art cards). So, a little let down by the form factor, but an overall it’s still a success

Thanks for the feedback and we've learned our lesson about rounded corners with sharp-edged paper products. We appreciate your support and happy adventuring!
Web Goblin

Jeremy Deshaw
Great Set

Already set up and can’t wait to hand my buddies their first death certificate!

Wade Walker

The tin everything came in was amazing all the hand outs are so well done I don't want to hand them out and let my players ruin them!! Maps are a site to behold!! I only wish they could've come rolled up like your other sets but I also realize they would require a more expensive shipping cost so your totally forgiven!!
Thanks again amazing work like always!!