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You are the world-builder, storyteller, rules judge, role-playing jury, and (possibly) character executioner. Not a small amount of work.

And whether the world you’re wrangling is high fantasy, low fantasy, science fiction, or just a dark and spooky neighborhood where things go bump in the night, you’re going to need to get organized.

That’s where we come in.

This A5-sized (5.8" x 8.3") journal is almost 200 pages for you to keep your plans, record your notes, and manage your adventure. There are sections for tracking magic items, roleplaying bonuses, great moments, embarrassing defeats,
and even who still owes you for pizza.

Section 1: The Characters. Pages for noting their strengths, weaknesses, and how their backstories fit into the campaign.

Section 2: Pre-Game Prep. How to set the rules for your game and get into alignment with your players’ expectations for your campaign.

Section 3: The World. Pages for noting the history, pantheons, and regions that make up the campaign.

Section 4: Locations. Specific locales—castles, taverns, moldering basements, etc.—that you’ll need good notes for.

Section 5: Campaign Plan. How you expect things to go. Character arcs, encounters, epic villains to fight, NPCs to woo, etc. This is probably a good time to emphasize that the pages of this journal are thick, durable paper meant to handle lots of erasing when things go off the rails.

Section 6: Encounters. Plan out the boss battles, key NPC meetings, torrid one-night stands, or whatever big moments you’ve got in store.

Section 7: The Game. 20 sections for logging game sessions. Record
the great, terrible, and hilarious moments each week, and make sure you know who got any bonuses or items, and why.

AppendixLearn about safety tools. Also, our favorite things: generators! Shops, NPCs, and plot hooks, plus customizable generator generators (patent pending).

And, at the end of your campaign, you’ll have this journal to remember the moments of high bravery, craven cowardice, and low comedy. When your friends wax rhapsodic at their heroism and gallantry, you can relive those moments, and settle the argument that always erupts over who killed that famous frost giant (obviously Vodim, with his weakest spell, just as it was going down anyway). You will, after all, have the receipts.

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I'm loving this journal. It's helping me plan my players' stories and the challenges they face with a better degree of organization. ALL the B&G stuff is outstanding.


You buy this because you are better than the old game master. Within you pour your schemes and machinations, creating a tome all your players shall covet.

Especially Todd, the old GM. He was the worst.


High quality products that are useful and fun really helping keep my campaign in order and looking forward to playing a paladin in the near future using the paladin dice set