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Gold Edition of Absalom: City of Lost Omens

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Officially licensed by Paizo, this Beadle & Grimm’s boxed set will be filled with elements a Game Master (GM) needs to immerse their players into Pathfinders’ most famous city. Whether they’re playing Pathfinder 2e, Pathfinder 1, or even a 5e rules-based campaign, this set will help a GM establish an incredibly detailed urban setting. 


The Gold Edition will come with several poster-sized maps of the city, six (6) 24x30” battle maps, an original map of the Starstone Isle, and a map folder with thirteen (13) 8.5x11” district maps with a place for GM or player notes on the back. 


When the player is handed an Absalom broadsheet, or an invitation to adventure, the GM will actually hand these beautifully designed pieces to the player instead of simply reading them.


Absalom comes with its own unique factions and organizations and the Gold Edition will include three pieces of faction-related jewelry: an Aspis Consortium token, an Arcanamirium pin, and a badge of the city watch. Also included is a set of coins of the realm made by Campaign Coins, including a collectible gold coin that can only be found in the Beadle & Grimm's Gold Edition, all tucked into a pouch adorned with the Vault of Abadar symbol. Slipped into a red B&G pouch, you will find an Absalom: City of Lost Omens Coin of Completion - a collectible coin commemorating your campaign. Finally, a set of four in-world Tri-Stripe Society coasters sure to delight the players and help keep the GM’s table stainless!


Designed to fit over the GM’s screen, these cards will feature artwork of important Absalom non-player characters and key Absalom locations on the player side and important role-playing information or key location information on the GM’s side. 


The exterior features B&G original art, while the interior will give the GM the quick-reference tables and city-specific information needed to smoothly run their game. 


These short adventures, created exclusively by Beadle & Grimm’s for this edition, take advantage of areas, maps and important players in Absalom. They can be dropped in by the GM, or act as launching points for longer adventures of the GM’s design. 


Paizo’s complete published book is included in smaller booklets that allow the GM to organize the parts of the city needed for a particular session, whether it be an individual district, the comprehensive list of NPCs, or the introduction to the city. 



In the Letter to Purchaser you'll find a printed code to unlock Absalom: City of Lost Omens online in the Pathfinder Nexus on Demiplane!

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Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
Heather Zimmerman
Awesome gift!

I bought this for my GM husband for Christmas and he loved it!

Justin Shadduck
Simply Amazing!

An incredible box of fun for your group.

Reviewer avatar
Luke B.
I'm a sucker for Goblin-made treasures... what can I say!

Beadle and Grimm's... as always I am sincerely impressed. They really jam pack the boxes, but even then I didn't expect an even bigger box with so much stuff inside! Mega tube of maps, handouts, etc. not going to spoil it. It's just such a welcome treat that they had a little sale for GenCon so I had to jump on this. I should have just done it anyway! The quality you receive here is so much better than just getting the book itself. Paizo's world of Golarion is amazing, and Beadle and Grimm's TRANSPORTS you there. They elevate the material of everything they touch. Additional bonus missions to play, are you kidding me???? Where does this passion come from to make roleplaying the best thing on earth? You guys should start inventing your own settings and adventures. These other companies are amazing but it might be time to bring it to another level. I love everything I've gotten every time. I have no doubt you could blow the world away with a kickstarter. Have Matt Lillard get on video and make some sweet promises. Everyone should know by now they are in good hands and all will be delivered as promised.

That's just me taking a long time in a roundabout way to say thank you. I'm not even running Pathfinder anymore but this city is massive and beautiful, well-organized through divided pamphlets, and usable in any campaign. I would almost even allow my players to planar warp there between adventures as a hub.

Your friendly neighborhood paladin,

Leland Hulbert
Beautiful and practical

I wasn't sure what to expect, but B&G have blown me away. Maps, handouts, DM screen, it's all done well and I look forward to their next Pathfinder project.

Jay Moldenhauer-Salazar
I can't wait to start my Absalom campaign!

I'm so excited that Beadle & Grimm's is beginning to dip their toe into Pathfinder 2E waters. The Character Chronicles are a good product but poorly timed as we all moved to virtual tabletops over the pandemic, and I feared it would scare them away. But the Absalom sourcebook is a super fun product to give the "B&G" treatment.

I was blown away by how big and HEAVY the box was when it arrived, and the unboxing left my mind spinning with campaign ideas. In fact, it's been tough to focus on my existing, 3-year campaign (in the final book of a Paizo AP) because of planning for the sandbox campaign I'll be launching in Absalom as a result of this Gold Edition. Thank you all, and here's an official vote from me to do something cool with an upcoming Adventure Path or long-form adventure!