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Magic: The Gathering Platinum Edition Set

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Limited. Numbered. Collectible.

Everything to make your Magic: The Gathering game epic.

  • Exclusive Neon Dynasty-themed Backpack
  • Sword-Adorned Card Vault
  • Kami-Themed Neon Pink Deck Box
  • Demon-Themed Lightning Blue Deck Box
  • 100 Black Dragon Sleeves
  • 100 Gold Dragon Sleeves
  • Kamigawa Wall Art Poster
  • 5 Lithographic Art Prints
  • Kamigawa Art Card Folio
  • Sidekick Plush
  • Art-Inspired Life Counter
  • LED Playmat
  • Kamigawa Metal Counter Set
  • Demon Mask Necklace
  • Exclusive Game Log
  • Kamigawa World Map
  • In-World Guide to Kamigawa

The exclusive Kamigawa: Neon Dynasty Backpack is built for Magic players to take their game wherever they go:

  • External USB access port
  • Adjustable straps for optimal comfort
  • Durable textile + components
  • Reflective Safety fabric detail
  • Special Compartments for notebooks + tablets, and more
  • Material Shell: EVA + polyester+ waterproof
  • Sternum Strap
  • Durable YKK zipper compartment
  • Mesh zip up to secure items in place
  • Padded back and shoulder straps
  • Hidden Padded pocket
  • Opens up to 180° for easy access
  • 15.6" Soft lined Nylex laptop sleeve (To protect your system and keep electronics safe)
  • Padded adjustable interior dividers (The removable inner cushion padded dividers can be adjustable to fit your needs as you need to protect your Magic gear)

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Customer Reviews

Based on 24 reviews
Alex Rodriguez
Absolutely Awesome

•Backpack: love the neon designs, it's comfortable. The only small inconvenience I've noticed is that you can really only use the modular dividers on the bottom half of the backpack because it's thinner at the top half. I don't mind it, but I know some people might.
•Playmat: probably the best art you good have picked from the set for a playmat. The different colors and patterns for the LEDs are pretty cool. Overall size is just barely larger then a ultrapro mat (and I mean it's almost not noticeable). For those wondering, you need to plug the mat in to an outlet or a portable battery source.
•Deck boxes: sturdy,and the reflective neon designs are so cool
•Posters: 10/10 you had me at one of each spirit dragon and the Kamigawa world map.
•Sleeves: dragon shield quality sleeves. They are great, my commander deck doesn't slip and slide around like they do with ultrapro sleeves
•Binder: a standard card binder, the neon pink strap and art fit perfectly with the set.
•Tin, life counter, and the plush: they're cool and well made. Not often you see gear like this for mtg, so It's definitely found a spot on my mtg display shelf
•Metal counters: both the +1/+1 counters and the keyword counters are incredibly well made. the design choice to make them similar to ancient coins is honestly such a genius move. And it looks stunning.
But my absolutely favorite thing about this whole bundle is the in-world guide. It's just perfect, the "incident report" format it's written in is so immersive, and the art is amazing.

Overall worth the money in my opinion. If you're on the fence on this, like I was, I'd definitely recommend getting this while they're available.

B&G, Hopefully you guys get/want to keep making products like these for mtg, because I definitely would buy more of them.

Cory Rogers

Magic: The Gathering Platinum Edition Set

Dante Mahaley
Really great

Great product.

Jo kevin
Almost perfect

I have received the items completely. But, the only problem is, the Oni Head Samurai Lifecounter doesnt seem to be able to spin freely and tends to stuck. I had to twist with force for it to move in the same direction otherwise it won't budge. I'm afraid that one day it'll broke due to too much force was used often to spin the life counter. Also the doubledeck box with Oni Sword on the back on it have a pretty deep dent that could be seen on the top left of it.

Thanks for your feedback! If any of the elements of your set were damaged or defective, just email us at support.goblin AT and we can send out replacements as needed! Enjoy!

Russell Scarbrough
Missing item

The main portion if the set was very good. I have enjoyed it but I never received the oni helm life counter, even after sending out an email for the missing item. It has been an additional month after I was supposed to have received it after missing it initially.

Glad you enjoyed the set and we're so sorry about the delay in getting you the Ogre Helm Life Counter. We just sent it to you and you should receive it shortly. Thanks!