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Murders at Karlov Manor: The Case of the Three Blade Knife (MTG)

Murders at Karlov Manor: The Case of the Three Blade Knife (MTG)

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The Case of the Three Blade Knife 

Gather around the table with friends for a game night you’ll never forget! Work together to connect the evidence and unlock the secrets of The Case of the Three Blade Knife murder mystery game.

Anyone who is a fan of murder mystery games will love The Case of the Three Blade Knife. Players familiar with the Magic: The Gathering world of Ravnica will relish the immersive story elements - but no previous knowledge of Magic: The Gathering is needed to play the game!

Pore through Lead Inspector Tam Sennic’s evidence and use the augmented reality embedded in your Ravnican Agency of Magicological Investigations (RAMI) badge (3" x 3" by Pinfinity) to identify suspects and bring a killer to justice!

60-120 minutes of game time
1+ Players
Ages 14+


Pinfinity AR
Pinfinity is evolving the world of collecting by combining augmented reality experiences with their high-quality patented pins for fans of entertainment franchises. Pinfinity partners with awesome brands like Beadle & Grimm's and other major studios, game companies, comics publishers, and personalities to develop licensed and exclusive drops. 

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Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Mark Wagner
Fun and quick to get going

Great game that didn’t take much time at all to get set up and comprehend

Loved the Game itself. The App? Not so much.

First let me point out that I'm giving it a 4 star review, because of the App that is used with the badge.

I loved the fact of using the badge for 'magic' as it does fit in for Ravica in my opinion, but the App itself leaved much to be desired. It wouldn't work a lot of the time for me no matter how I held the phone or how much lightning or shading I did. Hopefully an update will fix the issue with the app.

The game itself? Love it! My Co-Detective and I, amateur sleuths that we are, playtested it. And cannot wait to try it out with our D&D group. We got a kick out of it and we spent, I don't know how long going over the suspects and trying to point out why they would go after the ones that died. We usually went back to the Tiefling songstress, trying to see how she tied in with each suspect. The ending was well put together, like the story itself. I was glad to say we solved the crime and put the killer behind bars.

We're hoping more will be made. *Fingers crossed*

The game is 5 stars, but giving it an overall of 4 stars because of the App.

Family Fun

Ran this with all my kids (6-16). They all enjoyed it for various reasons. My laughter (11) and I were even more excited that we solved it.