Pathfinder 2E Complete Cleric Chronicle

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You are the Cleric. This is your story.

May the gods give you the courage to face your enemies, the serenity to deal with the Fighter's whinging and Wizard's ego, and insight to keep the Rogue from stealing all the loot.

The Complete Cleric Chronicle tells your story of this endless struggle.


A 3 part book:

Part 1: A 20-25 page character sheet with enough room to really map out every facet of your character.

Part 2: All the Pathfinder 2E rules from the Player's Guide and Advanced Player's Guide for this class, and only this class. Includes spell, feats, and original B&G content. 

Part 3: A big journal full of original art and a fold out page for you to build your keep/temple/tree fort/thieves guild etc.


All in a vegan leather cover with book ribbons and lay-flat binding. This is a sturdy book that will survive longer than your character will.


AND, includes a dry erase pull-out board for keeping track of things like spell slots, hit points, and inspiration. 

Customer Reviews

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Excellent quality

Bought one of each class. Details upon details for a character. Fun to use.


Beyond comprehensive. I was honestly expecting something half the size. Haven't taken it to the table yet, but I fully expect it to be the single resource I need during a session.

Michael Chanen
A Fun Biography for a Character

I've used one Cleric Chronicle in the past for a Cleric I played until the campaign ended at level 13. Its fun to be able to document the character's adventures throughout the pages of the book. Write down NPCs they've met, adventures they've had, and literally have their career from start to finish in one spot. Mechanically, its nice to have just about everything available to the class in a single book meant just for them. Instead of having to pull out PDFs or multiple other books to assemble the character. I'm glad I picked up a few more of these for the future. The only negative I have about them is they're not worth using on shorter lived characters (as in one-shots). Best for characters you're planning on playing for 10+ levels at the very least.