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Pathfinder 2E Complete Rogue Chronicle

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You are the Rogue. This is your story.

It's not all backstabbing, searching for traps, and picking locks. There's also staying out of the line of fire and making sure you're first to the loot. The Complete Rogue Chronicle tells the story of your greatest escapes, and all the loot you pilfered. Keep it secret, keep it safe.


A 3 part book:

Part 1: A 20-25 page character sheet with enough room to really map out every facet of your character.

Part 2: All the Pathfinder 2E rules from the Player's Guide and Advanced Player's Guide for this class, and only this class. Includes spell, feats, and original B&G content. 

Part 3: A big journal full of original art and a fold out page for you to build your keep/temple/tree fort/thieves guild etc.


All in a vegan leather cover with book ribbons and lay-flat binding. This is a sturdy book that will survive longer than your character will.


AND, includes a dry erase pull-out board for keeping track of things like spell slots, hit points, and inspiration. 

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Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Matthew Martin
Love these books. Perfect for Pathfinder 2e adventure paths

love these books. At least one person has one in every long running campaign we have going. They are perfect for 1-20 level APs. I only wish they had more classes available then I know at least two people (myself included) that would use one for every character they rolled up.

James. Just james.
Oh hell yes!!

This chronicle is great! I highly recommend it for anyone developing a rogue character!! Super helpful and really cool!! Totally worth it!

Better than getting a Nat 20 on a seduction roll

Holy Cow!! It was better than I had even expected. I knew that I would be getting a 5 star product from the Guy who single handily carried "Thirteen Ghost" but this thing is so damn nice that my wife (who I bought it for to celebrate her new Skull and Shackles Character) isn't even sure she wants to write in it because it feels sacrilege to write in such an incredible Book.

These definitely make Top Tier gifts to any player or to immortalize your favorite Hero after they have retired. Either by Choice or because a very angry Ghost decided to help you bend in new ways while trapped in a moving glass maze.

Alisa Moore
Wish I had found sooner

This journal is AWESOME! It's nicely put together and easy to use. I do plan on making a case for it, and keeping a small scratch pad for quick notes to add in later. All in all 100% recommend to anyone who is playing a long term campaign and plans on sticking with a character.

Desiree A.
love the book!

it's an absolutely GORGEOUS journal, and it's so so deeply satisfying to have someone out there making PF2e specific stuff! the journal looks well made, has all kinds of things in it, and I'm going to love showing it off to everyone. It has everything I could need to reference and then some. There's only 1 drawback in my mind: I'm not the party rogue (one of my favorite classes)... I'm the Game Master. Please Beadle & Grimm's, consider the GM Journal!! There is SO MUCH we want to keep track of, and just like players, we want room for lots of notes...maps, campaign ideas and progress, quests, etc. Or at the very least, a lower tier of the Absalom set, or breakout purchases. I would love to buy the location/npc cards and GM screen. Please consider a silver version. :) I'd buy it in a heartbeat. In the meantime I'll be using this either for my GM notes or for the next time I get to be a player.