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Pathfinder Society Medal

Pathfinder Society Medal

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For those who travel dangerous paths, or want to wheedle a free drink at the world's end, we present the Pathfinder Society coin. Solid, beautiful and rugged, with the weight of heavy metal and the sort of gravitas one earns in the field.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Map weights!

These are great. I bought a couple and use them as map weights. They hold my flip-mats flat while we game.

They are nicely weighty and look great.

Peter Zupan
Nice, but what do I do with it?

I kind of figured that by being called a "medal" I'd be able to wear it when I GM at Society. But it's just a really big coin. Nice decor, I guess, but that's it.

Good point! When we designed this we were thinking mainly about players putting this on the table in front of them while playing or GMs giving them to players, but we'll think about what we can do for GMs. Thanks!

David Ervin

Absolutely fantastic craftsmanship! Constantly flipping it through my fingers as we play through Abomination Vaults! Would you ever consider shrinking it down and making a pendant?