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Platinum Edition of The Wild Beyond the Witchlight (D&D)

Platinum Edition of The Wild Beyond the Witchlight (D&D)

The Platinum Edition contains:
  • The entire adventure book broken into easy-to-use booklets
  • AND the digital version of the adventure from D&D Beyond!
  • A curated set of 17 pre-painted WizKids minis from their Wild Beyond the Witchlight set, including 2 Huge and 3 Large minis and all 3 Hags
  • Beautifully printed canvas map of the feywild land of Prismeer 
  • 9 pulled-out color area maps from the adventure in a pocket folder and a large map of the Witchlight Carnival on canvas paper
  • 7 original gridded battle maps designed for key areas and encounters in the adventure
  • Exclusive DM Screen with original art of the Witchlight Carnival and Prismeer, along with key tables and information for the adventure on the inside
  • 60 Encounter Cards to show players art of who they’re encountering while showing the DM stats and role-playing information
  • Artist-crafted in-world handouts and artifacts, including letters, clues, posters, jewelry and unique artifacts - like a life-size unicorn horn!
  • DM and Player aids to make gameplay simple, fun and immersive, like Magic Item Cards, NPC Role-playing cards, story trackers, puzzle handouts, art pulled from the book, NPC dialogue prompts and pre-generated characters with backgrounds designed to connect players to the adventure
  • Exclusive bonus encounter content to extend and expand your adventure
  • 4 sets of wearable Butterfly Wings to get your players into the mood
  • A plushy of Sir Talavar, the noble faerie dragon Knight!



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