Platinum Edition of The Wild Beyond the Witchlight (D&D)

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The Platinum Edition contains:
  • The entire adventure book broken into easy-to-use booklets
  • AND the digital version of the adventure from D&D Beyond!
  • A curated set of 17 pre-painted WizKids minis from their Wild Beyond the Witchlight set, including 2 Huge and 3 Large minis and all 3 Hags
  • Beautifully printed canvas map of the feywild land of Prismeer 
  • 9 pulled-out color area maps from the adventure in a pocket folder and a large map of the Witchlight Carnival on canvas paper
  • 7 original gridded battle maps designed for key areas and encounters in the adventure
  • Exclusive DM Screen with original art of the Witchlight Carnival and Prismeer, along with key tables and information for the adventure on the inside
  • 60 Encounter Cards to show players art of who they’re encountering while showing the DM stats and role-playing information
  • Artist-crafted in-world handouts and artifacts, including letters, clues, posters, jewelry and unique artifacts - like a life-size unicorn horn!
  • DM and Player aids to make gameplay simple, fun and immersive, like Magic Item Cards, NPC Role-playing cards, story trackers, puzzle handouts, art pulled from the book, NPC dialogue prompts and pre-generated characters with backgrounds designed to connect players to the adventure
  • Exclusive bonus encounter content to extend and expand your adventure
  • 4 sets of wearable Butterfly Wings to get your players into the mood
  • A plushy of Sir Talavar, the noble faerie dragon Knight!



Customer Reviews

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Steven Truong
Beautiful Set

Great Minis, beautiful maps, and some fun props.

Max Whitaker
It's just the best way to play this module

What can I say? It's fantastic.

Anthony Sales
More Value Than You can Snicker-snack

There's nothing mimsy about this absolute unit!
Jam packed with exuberant delights, myself as the GM, and my players, continued to be absolutely gobsmacked by the constant supply of unique & thoughtful artifacts.
Totally worth the price tag, especially if you run it more than once (unless your players hang on to too many keepsakes, as the various handouts are so incredibly inticeing).
With this borogrove of a game aid, your entire table will gyre & gambol through the campaign!