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Legendary Edition of Curse of Strahd

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Legendary Edition of Curse of Strahd: 

  • The entire module, broken up into smaller books to make it easier to run
  • Battle maps of the ENTIRE CASTLE. 33 maps of Castle Ravenloft in total
  • Large canvas map of Barovia by Deven Rue
  • Jewelry
  • In world handouts
  • Bonus encounters
  • Pre-built PCs
  • 60! Encounter cards
  • Custom DM Screen
  • Finger Puppets (yes, REALLY) and more (like the Tarokka deck)!

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Customer Reviews

Based on 21 reviews
Nick Heinbaugh
Simply incredible

I was initially hesitant about getting a bundle so expensive. Would it bring enough value to my table?

After going through everything and laying out the maps and all the assorted goodies in the box I am sold. The maps are massive and give an immersive experience that is backed up by the encounter cards and other goodies. My players were floored. Nothing in the box is low quality, and the attention to detail is incredible.

I’m going to be buying more from B&G and when I do it’s gonna be at the top tier. They’ve won me over. <3

Coen Jans
Best Curse of Stradh set there is.

I really love the set. It a great addition to my collection.
The quality is really good. With very beautiful hand outs and maps.

Tremendous immersion with less work

The organization saves you a lot of time as a DM and the physical pieces are really fantastic. High quality handouts, props, and maps really add to the immersion. We're early in the campaign but I can't wait to get to the castle and show the players these phenomenal maps.

Hunter Gates
Amazing, a must have!

Well worth every penny, in the first session I used 5 of the handouts for Death House. Many more to come, and the player characters loved every bit of what Beadle & Grimm's had to offer. I will be making a follow-up review video shortly. 5/5 Stars. I will be purchasing more products here soon. Feel free to send me a review package ;)

Tom LeBeau

The maps alone make it worth the money, but all the little stuff is going to make the campaign so much more memorable. I love it! I’ve already pre-ordered the Spelljammer set. B&G have made a fan for life.