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Roll Inish! Initiative Beanbags

Roll Inish! Initiative Beanbags

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Tired of maintaining a list of initiative rolls? 

Tired of everyone forgetting when they're supposed to go?

Us too.

So we put 'em on bags. Forget the actual rolls, just get your players in order and throw a bag at 'em. 

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Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
Mario A Digirolamo
Fun addition to the table

The initiative bean bags are a fun addition to the table and removes the need to write down the order of combat. I would highly recommend purchasing these.

Justen Bristlin
So dang convenient

Could I make it myself? Maybe.
Does it do the job? Definitely.

I like handing things to (or throwing them at) my players. This is a quick and easy way to make sure we have initiative right and it beats my index cards by being able to easily toss them to my intended victi... Player.

After a little you memorize the colors and it’s even faster.

Jennifer Davis
Really useful!

I'm not the best at remembering initiative, but these beanbags have helped me keep track of multiple initiatives at once! Especially with the size of my group.