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Roll Inish! Initiative Beanbags

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Tired of maintaining a list of initiative rolls? 

Tired of everyone forgetting when they're supposed to go?

Us too.

So we put 'em on bags. Forget the actual rolls, just get your players in order and throw a bag at 'em. 

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Customer Reviews

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Randall Terpstra
Love these. Use every session.

I manage a FLGS in AZ and we got these in about a year ago if I recall. I bought a set the day they hit our floor. They work better than any other method I have tried. I have tried numerous gadgets and/or new ideas that would make tracking initiative less mind numbingly terrible. Everyone is drinking, they all yell their init and expect me to remember 6 numbers plus my creatures turn. Now I just throw a damn beanbag at them after they rudely announce their init and they know when they are going, I know when they are going, the game keeps going. Seriously. They rule. No one forgets their initiative after taken a bag to the chin.

Peter Gallinelli
Gave as a gift

He was excited. Looked really nice. Thanks Mr Lillard for being such a good salesperson at the Gencon booth. Get to tell my friends that Stu hit me with a beanbag.

Jason McCracken
Handing out init never felt so good!

Bean em, bean em all!

Handy, but also a beautiful distraction

Handy for keeping track of "innish". But invariably someone will end up juggling these at some point during the session. I know I have and they are great for juggling.

Six Sides of Gaming
Added fun

The quality is excellent. They are fun to throw around. Keeps initiative in check and we are proud to be sponsored by Beadle and Grimms.