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Silver Edition of Fizban's Treasury of Dragons

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That right. The horrific sound you hear is the warehouse engines firing to life once again as we prepare for another Silver Edition.*

And what is in this Silver Edition, you ask? Dragons of course. Why? Well, for starters, it’s half of the name of the game, for crying out loud. About time someone gave them a little love.

But mostly, because that’s what Fizban’s Treasury of Dragons is all about. Dragonborn ancestries, new dragons, new… things that go bump in the night if you happen to be in a dragon’s lair…And about lairs, new rules and fun adventure ideas around lairs, and lair magic, and just in general all things dragon.

I’m going to put a paper bag over my head and breathe. Meanwhile, keep reading for more info!

* Or, it could be a real dragon, in which case we advise either running in circles, ducking and covering, or putting a paper bag over your head and breathing slowly. Works out about the same in the end.

So what's in the box?

    Broken out into smaller books so you can hand your players the chapters they need to build new characters, while withholding the books that contains things that will eat them.
  • MAPS
    Maps of battle. Perhaps for battling dragons? Perhaps. Also useful for dragon negotiations, as nothing adds a little excitement to a chat like knowing who exactly is in the cone.
    Many things have been said about Fizban, but no one has ever said he wasn’t thorough*.
    There’s a LOT of new dragons, creatures that resemble dragons, creatures that are sometimes seen with dragons at the pub, etc. Consequently, we’re including a lot of encounter cards.
    Want to drop a dragon (or two, or three) into your campaign? We’ve got you covered. Pre-built, short encounters, steeped in new dragon lore, to test the mettle of your players.
    A dragon tooth necklace. A set of 3 wearable hoard scarabs, tucked in a burlap B&G sack. And, of course, they play a role in the bonus encounters included.
    Strange letters urging you on to danger or folly or glory or all three at once.
    Pre-built Player Characters using new archetypes and lore

And other assorted Beadle & Grimm’s inspired nonsense.

* Actually, Bob from accounting said that when he was going over his expenses, but Bob says that about everyone.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 13 reviews
Matthew McGuire
Fun and Lively

The maps of the dungeons were amazing to have and the bonus encounters enchanting. Superior craftsmanship of the physical items like the dragon's tooth were exquisite.

I highly recommend any fan of dragons pick up this version for their own table.

Owen Humphreys
So good

B&G hit it out the park as always. First supplemental guide Ive gotten of theirs, after several campaigns, and its everything I could have hoped for.

Mario Digirolamo
Love it

I really love the complete product! The attention to detail and the extras enhanced the groups play.

Reviewer avatar
Glenn Moyer
Full of Character

I'll be honest, I bought the props within the set by themselves before investing in the boxed set. Part of why I ended up buying the set as a whole was for the bonus materials. I found all the maps to be potentially useful (even if I do not run the adventures as written). Like some other reviewers I do wish there was more 'standard' dragon info and adventures in the bonus materials rather than just the Gem and other dragons introduced in the book. Otherwise the stat cards, art cards, and other associated props are quite wonderful (Though I must say I wish they included an art card of the rather pompous looking NPC who gives have the quests in the bonus materials, he just has a face you could punch). The physical props are pretty, and have the same quality I expect from 99% of Beadle and Grimm's products.

James Petree (CyberPaladin)
Dragons Abound In This Amazing B&G Box Set!

This set is jam-packed with wonderful things! Fizban would be overwhelmed! The book is broken into chapters, in B&G tradition, as well as some additional adventuring is provided. The hangers for the encounters are such an excellent addition! I really love all the encounter/monster hangers that come with most all the B&G box sets. It is REALLY handy to just pop that up on the ol' DM screen next to the stat/init tracker hangars I use for my players. They get to see the artwork and I get to see the stat-block, it's a win-win! The artifacts and cards are of top quality as in all of their sets. There are player handouts and maps galore! I am constantly impressed by how much passion and thought go into the products from this company. These products enhance my own game in many ways and my players always love them as much as I do. The additional joy and fun brought to the table by these products is priceless. I definitely suggest picking this up! The additional dragons, races, and even sub-classes are fantastic additions to any of your worlds, whether it's home-brew or straight outta Faerun!