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Beadle & Grimm's Pandemonium Warehouse

Silver Edition of Fizban's Treasury of Dragons

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That right. The horrific sound you hear is the warehouse engines firing to life once again as we prepare for another Silver Edition.*

And what is in this Silver Edition, you ask? Dragons of course. Why? Well, for starters, it’s half of the name of the game, for crying out loud. About time someone gave them a little love.

But mostly, because that’s what Fizban’s Treasury of Dragons is all about. Dragonborn ancestries, new dragons, new… things that go bump in the night if you happen to be in a dragon’s lair…And about lairs, new rules and fun adventure ideas around lairs, and lair magic, and just in general all things dragon.

I’m going to put a paper bag over my head and breathe. Meanwhile, keep reading for more info!

* Or, it could be a real dragon, in which case we advise either running in circles, ducking and covering, or putting a paper bag over your head and breathing slowly. Works out about the same in the end.

So what's in the box?

    Broken out into smaller books so you can hand your players the chapters they need to build new characters, while withholding the books that contains things that will eat them.
  • MAPS
    Maps of battle. Perhaps for battling dragons? Perhaps. Also useful for dragon negotiations, as nothing adds a little excitement to a chat like knowing who exactly is in the cone.
    Many things have been said about Fizban, but no one has ever said he wasn’t thorough*.
    There’s a LOT of new dragons, creatures that resemble dragons, creatures that are sometimes seen with dragons at the pub, etc. Consequently, we’re including a lot of encounter cards.
    Want to drop a dragon (or two, or three) into your campaign? We’ve got you covered. Pre-built, short encounters, steeped in new dragon lore, to test the mettle of your players.
    A dragon tooth necklace. A set of 3 wearable hoard scarabs, tucked in a burlap B&G sack. And, of course, they play a role in the bonus encounters included.
    Strange letters urging you on to danger or folly or glory or all three at once.
    Pre-built Player Characters using new archetypes and lore

And other assorted Beadle & Grimm’s inspired nonsense.

* Actually, Bob from accounting said that when he was going over his expenses, but Bob says that about everyone.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
James Petree (CyberPaladin)
Dragons Abound In This Amazing B&G Box Set!

This set is jam-packed with wonderful things! Fizban would be overwhelmed! The book is broken into chapters, in B&G tradition, as well as some additional adventuring is provided. The hangers for the encounters are such an excellent addition! I really love all the encounter/monster hangers that come with most all the B&G box sets. It is REALLY handy to just pop that up on the ol' DM screen next to the stat/init tracker hangars I use for my players. They get to see the artwork and I get to see the stat-block, it's a win-win! The artifacts and cards are of top quality as in all of their sets. There are player handouts and maps galore! I am constantly impressed by how much passion and thought go into the products from this company. These products enhance my own game in many ways and my players always love them as much as I do. The additional joy and fun brought to the table by these products is priceless. I definitely suggest picking this up! The additional dragons, races, and even sub-classes are fantastic additions to any of your worlds, whether it's home-brew or straight outta Faerun!


Beadle & Grimm's Pre-order Hype...
Maps of battle. Perhaps for battling dragons? Perhaps. Also useful for dragon negotiations, as nothing adds a little excitement to a chat like knowing who exactly is in the cone.
Large maps. Poster size maps of large areas. Like, for example, a series of caves that make up the lair of a particularly friendly dragon.

2 double-sided poster sized battle maps.

(1)Dragon Turtle... Pretty but why?
(2)Frost tower... Epic sized map scaled down by small generic towers.
(3)Futuristic map... Nothing kills fantasy faster than floodlights. Whatever the intent, I can't unsee the floodlights.
(4)Map of small generic rooms. These rooms could be printed on a normal printer. Why are they on a poster map? So the DM can find creative ways to hide 90% of the map to show one room, whilst simultaneously taking up most of the play area?

As a Beadle and Grimm fan, might I humbly suggest. Do a lot more battle maps next time.

Sorry you didn’t dig the four oversized battle maps as much as we did. The battle maps (including the dragon turtle) are intended to be used alongside the book of B&G Encounter Summaries included in this Silver Edition. We think that with reading the encounters, the purpose of the maps will be clear and hopefully they'll be as much fun for your party as we think they are. Note taken on looking for ways to include more battle maps in future editions!
Thanks for your feedback!
Support Goblin

Daniel Mejia
What could've been.

I want to start off with the fact that this box is amazing and deserves 4 stars at least, it's just not what I expected. I've been running a campaign with a Green dragon as the BBEG, so when this was announced I was ecstatic. Unfortunately this box only includes new things in Fizbans not the rehashed old stuff. I was hoping for a battle map from the books, but instead was giving 2 double sided maps for the Tales from the Warehouse bonus encounters. Still cool but not what I thought. I was at least hoping for a green dragon encounter card to hang from dm screen, but alas only new content.
So great box just not what I wanted. 10/10 would still recommend to a friend

John Peterson
Fizban's Treasury is awesome!

I was impressed by the quality of all the components. Well worth it and excellent extra content. One minor criticism, the box bottom was split along one corner. Easily fixed with tape, totally cosmetic.

Russell Minatel
Another Great Box!

This would be a 5-star review but for two things:

1- The art for a lot of the dragon encounter cards (ancient/adult/young/wyrmling) is the same art, just different sizes.

2- My box also smelled off, like mold. This was not the fresh ink smell which I love. Maybe it was whatever tanning chemical they used to treat the leather necklace for the dragon tooth, I don’t know.

Overall, a great buy though.

Thanks for your feedback! Most likely that smell was the box glue, but it's also true that green dragon lairs are notoriously stinky!