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Silver Edition of Van Richten's Guide to Ravenloft (D&D)

Silver Edition of Van Richten's Guide to Ravenloft (D&D)

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The shadowiest of our Silver Editions, Van Richten's Guide to Ravenloft, is back! Explore dreadful domains and create your own in this shadowy reprint of our most popular Silver Edition.

This Shadowy Silver Edition contains:

Artifacts. There are three artifacts in this collection: the Ring of Osybus, the Amulet of the Raven, and a hefty planchette for use with the spirit board in the House of Lament adventure.

Book. The adventure module, split into shorter, more manageable booklets, including the Characters Creations section that you can hand to your players.

Bonus Adventures. Our Dread Tales from the Warehouse are four short bonus adventures, complete with illustrations and area maps. Each adventure takes place in a different Domain of Dread. These adventures can be run as a string after the House of Lament to take your players all the way to 8th level!

Bonus Art. Artwork pulled from the book, printed onto folded sheets to hang on your favorite DM screen. We've also included six pieces illustrated by Shen Fei and Claudio Pozas for our bonus encounters and the House of Lament adventure.

Encounter Cards. Forty (40) encounter cards for the macabre monsters in chapter 5 and those included in the bonus adventures.

Battle Maps. Included in this edition are the following battle maps:

House of Lament Maps. Each level of the House of Lament, including both dormant and awakened versions for each floor.

Bonus Encounter Maps. Two full-sized battle maps for the "Assault on Granary" and "The Tomb of Taskhtali" bonus encounters.

Spirit Board. A huge 24x30" poster of the spirit board from the House of Lament.

Domain Maps. 14 gorgeous handout-sized maps of each of the domains in chapter 3, assembled in one handy pocket folder.

In-World Handouts. The handouts in this boxed set include:
  1. Wine Labels (2)
  2. Dolan's Gallery Note
  3. Deed to Havlhrest Manor
  4. Loren Havlhrest's Will
  5. Loren's Havlhrest's Death Certificate
  6. Supply Ledger
Pre-Generated Characters. Five 1st level characters tied heavily to the character options in the book, whether to be used by your players as characters or as NPCs in your game.

Letter to Purchaser. A letter from us to you, detailing these contents and how to use them in your game.
Note: This reprint of the Silver Edition of Van Richten's Guide to Ravenloft is of the Gothic Horror (Rose & Fangs) box cover only.

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Michael Locke
Silver Edition of Van Richten's Guide to Ravenloft (D&D)

The module is as advertised, and being a Beadle and Grimm product you know it is a wonderful addition to any DnD collection with both exclusive items as well as others that could be inserted into other campaigns with ease if needed.

Charles Ravenscraft
Great product

I was getting sluggish and even a bit overwhelmed putting together my Ravenloft campaign. I finally was able to aquire the Ravenloft box and it gave me that renewed sense of drive I needed. Everything in here helped clear up the loose ends I had and has made my abstracts tangible. I absolutely love this product.

Luke Hill

Love these products all there games are amazing! Best D&D box sets ever!