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Direct from the Feywild, Sir Talavar is a noble faerie dragon and emissary of Titania the Summer Queen. He appeared most recently in Dungeons & Dragons The Wild Beyond the Witchlight as a critical ally to the adventurers' as they journeyed across Prismeer.

However, Sir Talavar's favorite role is as your faithful companion to keep you company between gaming sessions.

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Summer Yeti
Dear Sir Talavar...

I like you Sir, a wonderful and regal fairy dragon. However, there are issues with this rendition in Plushy form. While I am glad to have it in my collection and I was hoping that the plushy would become my favorite among them, at least for a time, this one seems to be designed poorly. My may issues are the floppy moustache, floppy sword, and the belt (all made cheaply of single layers of cloth, moustache shouldn't flap around, same w the sword). The metal that holds the shape of the wings will definitely eventually break if this toy ever gets played with or loved. It must remain on a shelf sadly, or face eventual, obvious and unfixable damage. Also the way the arms reach out and up is not at all pleasing. The angle of the eyes is way off, should be horizontal and not more or less vertical. Gloves are WAY too long. Why does he have that pink crown looking thing on his head instead of the dragon frills? While the sparkling pink cloth used in places like for the wings, the crown and a couple other access pieces are cute, they are definitely not seen on Sir Talavar. This stuff considered, he has a home here. This is a review and an honest one. Beadle n Grimm is well known for good products. This one needs improvement, maybe some KR type tweaks. Thanks for reading, I speak harshly because I care.


Made perfectly, a nice addition to my collection of DND props!


I love Faery Dragons, so I had to have
Sir Talavar! He is a wonderful addition to my D&D collection.