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Sir Talavar Plushy (D&D)

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Direct from the Feywild, Sir Talavar is a noble faerie dragon and emissary of Titania the Summer Queen. He appeared most recently in Dungeons & Dragons The Wild Beyond the Witchlight as a critical ally to the adventurers' as they journeyed across Prismeer.

However, Sir Talavar's favorite role is as your faithful companion to keep you company between gaming sessions.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
Plush treat

I bought another one so I could keep the one from the TWBTW box. My players loved it as an item one of them won at the carnival.

is one enough?

they may be a fight as to which player gets this....

Sir Talavar is My Best Friend

Sir Talavar has become a main character in our campaign and we finally have a physical representation of him! So cute and the quality is top notch!

The plushie that launched a 1000 bad French accents

We didn't know we needed this until we got one. Very well made but downright goofy.
But it is cursed. No one who holds this plushie can resist bringing out their worst French accent or stop themselves from saying "Oui, oui!". (DC 35 save applies)

Corey Vinsonhaler
Sir Talavar is the noblest of Fairy Dragons

I had purchased Lulu the Hollyphant before this and was exceedingly happy. And sir Talavar is just as endearing. Love this stuff. Thanks B&G team.