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Tal'Dorei Clasp Token (Critical Role)

Tal'Dorei Clasp Token (Critical Role)

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The Clasp is a guild of thieves, assassins, black merchants, and contract dealers. It operates on a relatively amoral code of honor and respect. Their influence is easily enforced, as most people know of the dangerous myths surrounding them, and they maintain an extremely high success rate on contracts taken. 

Word to the wise: if someone flips you this heavy, metal, 2" diameter token, best not to mess with them. 

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Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
adam buxton
Just that little bit of reality added to your fantasy

I love the quality fo the physical props, I'm a heavy roleplay style GM/Dm and I love being able to simply flip my players a heavy in character prop that represents the wall break between the PC interactions and the players imaginations. The quality of the Toke, along with the coins and other props is wonderful.

Stephan Lalonde
Great Token

The Token was much larger than expected but I have no complaints. Heavy die cast token will last forever.