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Tal'Dorei Golden Grin Pin (Critical Role)

Tal'Dorei Golden Grin Pin (Critical Role)

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The Golden Grin, or simply the Grin, is a secret society, originally founded in Tal'Dorei, that promotes freedom and self-expression. Grinners often communicate with each other via code-songs: folk songs which they use to seek out allies or communicate messages.

If you're wearing this 1.5" pin, you'd better warm up those vocal chords. 

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Customer Reviews

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This coin is admittedly a little plain in terms of design but makes up for it in heft and the cool feeling of the metal.

Or maybe a cyclops wearing a hat?

If you turn it upside down that is! Well made and more old school than some of the flashier items B&G has been putting out these days. This artifact can be made to represent a group in your homebrew if not playing in Tal Dorei. Or if you just like to sing can be worn about to signify you are always ready to burst into song!