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Tharizdun Pin (D&D)

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The God of Madness would like to have a word.

It’s about your wardrobe. It needs something…

A pin?

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Customer Reviews

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Glenn Moyer
Heavy Pin

The pin has a great deal of presence, it is heavy, and the bronze look is very striking.

Doc Webb
Phenomenal artifact for anything to do with Elemental Evil!

I used this as an in-game artifact in a Princes of the Apocalypse/Temple of Elemental Evil game I run, and the players absolutely lost their minds to see this plopped down on the table the first time. I wear it with pride on my GM bag, and the players all still get very nervous when I take it off. The pin is pleasantly hefty, beautifully detailed, and both looks and feels like a relic pulled from another realm. Highly recommended.

It speaks to me

Will sit in a closet with a candle staring into the void of this pin. The voices alternate between telling me to TPK the party or hand each one of them a pin so they can join in the madness. It is also telling me, to tell you, to buy this wonderful artifact so you can become one of us!