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Yeti Tyke Plushy (D&D)

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Add a little bite to your home office.

Rarely eats cats or small dogs. 

Mostly friendly, but keep fingers clear when it smiles.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Doc Webb
Adorable little terror

The limbs on this little fellow are longer than I expected -- much better to latch onto unsuspecting passersby or lure naive party members into picking him up for a cuddle. He has also proved extremely popular with the children of those at our gaming table, who tend to run off with him for little adventures of their own. No one's been eaten yet... he's probably just biding his time.

The cutest!

A yeti tyke tugs on a party members pant leg. Are they looking for help finding momma or sizing up a meal?
The second plushy from B&G is definitely the cutest. Great for adults and kids alike.