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Legendary Edition of Curse of Strahd

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Legendary Edition of Curse of Strahd: 

  • The entire module, broken up into smaller books to make it easier to run
  • Battle maps of the ENTIRE CASTLE (33 maps of Castle Ravenloft in total)
  • Additional battle maps for: Dungeon Level of Death House, Coffin Maker's Shop, Village of Barovia Church, Old Bonegrinder, Wizard of the Wines Winery
  • In-world faux-leather canvas map of Barovia by Deven Rue
  • Jewelry, including the Holy Symbol of Ravenkind!
  • In-world handouts
  • 4 Bonus encounters
  • Pre-built PCs
  • 60! Encounter cards
  • Custom DM Screen
  • Finger Puppets (yes, REALLY) and more (like the Tarokka deck)!

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Customer Reviews

Based on 25 reviews
Doug B
Quality enhancements, fantastic designs that simply add to the fun

This is our 6th foray into these mega sets. They are marvelous. (I can’t believe both Strahd & Ravenloft we’re still available, I bought them late). IF you think you will enjoy these sets, you definitely WILL. I can’t say enough positive about them, There has been nothing second rate, or disappointing in any of thing we’ve invested in. The creators dreamed of creating sets that reflect their pure love of the game. That love is alive in every set.

Szimona Csollany
Amazing as always


Jason Bratley
Fangs for the boxed set.

Although I've not yet run this for my players, I can't wait to sink my teeth into it. The production values of this boxed set is driving me batty with how good it is. I keep it boxed up and read it in the evenings, so it comes out at night. Mostly.

Anthony Taylor
Let the fun begin

I haven't been able to use the set yet, but I have opened the box and map case REPEATEDLY and have admired the contents over and over and over. I can't wait to actually use it against...I mean with my players!

Nick Heinbaugh
Simply incredible

I was initially hesitant about getting a bundle so expensive. Would it bring enough value to my table?

After going through everything and laying out the maps and all the assorted goodies in the box I am sold. The maps are massive and give an immersive experience that is backed up by the encounter cards and other goodies. My players were floored. Nothing in the box is low quality, and the attention to detail is incredible.

I’m going to be buying more from B&G and when I do it’s gonna be at the top tier. They’ve won me over. <3

Curse of Strahd

Our first Legendary Edition!

Order Now!

Our first Legendary Edition
Curse of Strahd

So what's in a Legendary Edition? More to the point, what's in THIS Legendary Edition?

The legendary edition contains:

Artifacts. Three (3) Barovian silver coins in a velvety pouch, the Holy Symbol of Ravenkind, and multiple peel-and-stick wax seals and letters to make your own Letters from Count Strahd von Zarovich.

Book. The adventure module, split into shorter, more manageable booklets.

Bonus Encounters. Four illustrated bonus encounters, written by us, to enhance the adventure or fill in the gaps—such as the location of that pesky third gem and another way to use the included Tarokka deck.

Bonus Art. Half-page and quarter-page artwork pulled from the book, printed onto folded sheets to hang on the included DM screen.

Dinner With Strahd. A guide on how to run the dinner encounter with the Darklord of Barovia.

DM Screen. A custom Dungeon Master’s screen with art and information tailored to the campaign.

Encounter Cards. Sixty (60) encounter cards with stats and artwork of monsters included in this adventure, including a special jumbo card for Strahd Von Zarovich.

Area Maps. An in-world map of Barovia by Deven Rue for your players.

Castle Ravenloft Battle Maps. New, top-down maps for the entire iconic Castle Ravenloft, from its lowest crypts to its tallest spires. These are all packed in an attractive map tube along with the other large maps.

Additional Battle Maps. We also have included the following additional battle maps:
Death House Basement
Old Bonegrinder
Wizard of Wines Winery
Coffin Maker Shop

Finger Puppets. Five (5) finger puppets, designed after the Blinsky toys located throughout Barovia in the text: the Faceless Bride, Werewolf, Marionette Jester, Zombie Cleric, and Strahd.

In-World Handouts. Handouts in this edition include redesigns of those in the appendix, as well as four new pieces to enhance your campaign.
Kolyan Indirovich’s Letter (Versions 1 & 2)
Strahd’s InvitationExcerpt from the Tome of Strahd
Excerpt from Rudoph Van Richten’s journal
Journal of Argynvost
Durst Will (Death House)
Durst Deed (Death House)
Wine Labels (3)
Festival of the Blazing Sun Poster

Tarokka Deck. A large tarot-card-sized Tarokka deck.Player Assists. Handout-sized player handouts of Mike Schley’s area maps, such as the Amber Temple and the village of Barovia.

Pre-Generated Characters. Five 1st level characters tied heavily to the book, whether to be used by your players as characters or as NPCs in your game.

Letter to Purchaser. A letter from us to you, detailing these contents and how to use them in your game.

Now shipping the second run. There will not be a third.