The Limited Edition Platinum Edition from Beadle & Grimm's is back!

Everything you need to create the most immersive role-playing experience for D&D's newest epic adventure.

Platinum Edition for Vecna: Eve of Ruin (D&D)

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The Platinum Edition

What's in the Box?

This Limited Edition set contains everything you need to create the most immersive role-playing experience for D&D's newest epic adventure. Contents include:

  • The full module of Vecna: Eve of Ruin broken out into five booklets
  • D&D Beyond code for the full digital version of the module
  • 3 original Beadle & Grimm's Bonus Encounters
  • 48 half-page art pieces pulled from the book to share with your players
  • Additional DM and player aids, including 17 Secret cards
  • All in a faux-leather, foil-stamped, foam-lined storage box to display on your game room shelf

18 WizKids Minis

Painted Minis

18 WizKids minis, many uniquely painted just for this Platinum Edition. Set includes:

  • Vecna*
  • Tasha*
  • Alustriel*
  • Bearded Devil*
  • Black Rose Bearer*
  • Blazebear (large)
  • Drider (large)
  • Eldritch Knight*
  • Horned Devil (large)*
  • Moonlight Guardian
  • Necromancer Wizard
  • Red Abishai*
  • Spyder-Fiend (x2)*
  • Vrock (large)
  • Warforged Blade (x2)*
  • Kas the Betrayer*

* Alt Deco (uniquely painted for this edition)

The Rod of Seven Parts

Unique, solid magic item cards that combine to create a 33.5" Rod of Seven Parts

16 Battle Maps


Gridded for minis and rolled up in a newly designed map box

Poster and Area Maps


Poster map of The Sanctum, 4 area maps to give to players, and 8 annotated dungeon maps for the DM

In-World Handouts

Immersive Experience

10 in-world handouts and bonus art pieces to immerse your players in the world of the adventure

Custom DM Screen

Original art by Sidharth Chaturvedi

54 Encounter Cards

Monsters & NPCs

43 standard size Encounter Cards and 11 oversized cards for the epic NPCs in this adventure

Epic NPCs

Encounter Cards

These Epic NPCs deserve an epic treatment for when the players meet them, so we've create 11 oversized encounter cards to fully deliver both the epic art and the epic stat block.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 98 reviews
Steven Truong
Beautiful Set

Great Minis, beautiful maps, and some fun props.

Max Whitaker
It's just the best way to play this module

What can I say? It's fantastic.

Anthony Sales
More Value Than You can Snicker-snack

There's nothing mimsy about this absolute unit!
Jam packed with exuberant delights, myself as the GM, and my players, continued to be absolutely gobsmacked by the constant supply of unique & thoughtful artifacts.
Totally worth the price tag, especially if you run it more than once (unless your players hang on to too many keepsakes, as the various handouts are so incredibly inticeing).
With this borogrove of a game aid, your entire table will gyre & gambol through the campaign!