Dragonlance Steel Edition Errata/FAQ


Please note the following 2 errors found on the STEEL EDITION ELEMENTS DM’s Quick Reference Guide

  • Chapter 5: The Northern Wastes
    • Incorrectly lists a Blue Phoenix Shrine battle map - there is only a dungeon map included in the Steel Edition for this location
  • Chapter 7: Siege of Kalaman
    • Incorrectly lists a Flying Citadel Surface dungeon map - this dungeon map was a late cut as an area that was determined didn’t need a separate dungeon map

There is 1 error in the Steel Edition Letter to Purchaser (What’s in the Box?)

  • Dungeon Maps
    • Incorrectly lists 14 key dungeon maps. There are 13 dungeon maps as the Flying Citadel Surface dungeon map was a late cut.


  • Are the battle maps in the Dragonlance Steel Edition dry- or wet-erase compatible?
    No. The battle maps are printed on high-quality Supreme Glossy paper stock, but they are not meant to be drawn on with markers.
  • I had 5 additional plain white copies in my Affiliation Cards pack. Am I missing any cards?
    No. Those are only extra white sheets, and does not mean you’re missing any cards.