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Character Class Dice: The Monk

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You are the monk. These are your dice. You've honed your body and mind into the purest of weapons.


Harness it. Channel it. Release it.

Liberate the 14 dice in two color designs that have been hound within this tin. Whatever martial arts damage you're dishing out on your opponents, you're covered with this set.

Open Game License v 1.0a Copyright 2000, Wizards of the Coast, Inc. System Reference Document 5.0 Copyright 2016, Wizards of the Coast, Inc.; Authors Mike Mearls, Jeremy Crawford, Chris Perkins, Rodney Thompson, Peter Lee, James Wyatt, obert J. Schwalb, Bruce R. Cordell, Chris Sims, and Steve Townshend, based on original material by E. Gary Gygax and Dave Arneson.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Find your inner peace, then stunning strike

Love the color palette of this set. The blues and greys in the tin form sort of a yin and yang.
Am still contemplating the outside of the tin. Beautiful artwork, but why is one candle out?
Would like to see 4d6 in every set, but no complaints about the selection of dice. Speaking of which, could a set be made for new players? Maybe call it "The Novice" or "The initiate". Sometimes new players like to change characters as they try to find what they like.
This set may be my favorite so far. But will eventually have to buy all sets to make sure!


Just like the picture/description says, gotta love the bespoke class dice. Does it sound like I am repeating myself?