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Dragonlance: Shadow of the Dragon Queen Steel Edition (D&D)

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The land of Krynn. The continent of Ansalon. The Dragon Queen. Lord Soth. Mounting dragon armies. The World of Dragonlance is ripe for epic conflict!

For years after the Cataclysm in Krynn, the value of steel skyrocketed until it was as highly sought after as gold across all of Ansalon. So for our first official Dragonlance Edition we couldn't think of a better name for it than this:

Beadle & Grimm's
Steel Edition
Shadow of the Dragon Queen

The Beadle & Grimm’s Steel Edition of Dragonlance: Shadow of the Dragon Queen provides all the additional elements you need to immerse your players in an epic Dragonlance adventure that takes characters from level 1 to level 10+.

The nature of this adventure demands lots of in-world handouts, area maps, battle maps, and encounter cards, and this Steel Edition will be chock full of those elements, among others. Of course no B&G box would be complete without a little hardware for your players, so you can be sure we’ll have some of those too.

Here is the COMPLETE list of the contents of the STEEL EDITION:

  • Book broken into FIVE booklets, including a Player-Only Character Creation booklet
  • FOUR Area Maps of key locations and a Poster Map of Ansalon
  • 13 full-page dungeon maps
  • 12 gridded battle maps of key combat areas
  • 25 in-world handouts
  • FOUR in-world artifacts
  • 60 Encounter Cards
  • 27 Affiliation Cards for the Krynn Pantheon, the Knightly Orders and the Mage Orders
  • Art pulled from the book, including an 11" x 17" piece by Jedd Chevrier
  • THREE Bonus Encounters
  • SIX special NPCs
  • DM Aids and DM Reference Guide

We’re thrilled about the design of this Steel Edition and are confident it will be a must-have for everyone adventuring forth in Krynn! (This Steel Edition will be the only Beadle & Grimm's Premium Edition produced for this Dragonlance adventure. It does NOT include the Warriors of Krynn board game or D&D Beyond digital access.)

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Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Kevin Calkins
Pretty Meh

Everything you get in the box is very nice and high quality.

A lot of what you get I feel is incomplete or missing. There is not GM screen or Completion Coin. The half the battle maps you get are just for 2 or 3 rooms of an entire floor, having half hallways and rooms at the edges of the map. The 27 affiliation handouts are basically the same things you get when you buy dice set for campaigns from D&D. Those cost $25 come with a nice set of full dice, a dice rolling box, and the same handout found here.

I feel like this is Silver Edition level, but cost Gold Level. If you look at what you get in the Curse of Strahd box for not much more money, there is a huge different in content.

Thanks for your feedback and we're sorry you were underwhelmed by this Steel Edition. Dragonlance is a Steel Edition because it has significantly more artifacts, battle maps and handouts than any of our Silver Editions.

Beadle & Grimm's does it again

there's not much to say that hasn't already been said about previous box sets, the handouts and maps are quality and authentic, the encounter and art cards are great additions to the experience for players. though i am a little disappointed at the lack of Custom DM screen. those were always my favorite aspect of the boxes

Another home run

If they keep this up the umpires will think they are juicing!
Another excellent product. This Steel Edition is equivalent to a Gold Edition and is pleasantly jam packed full of goodness.
The encounter cards are always great and these have exceptional art.
Combat rules for dragon riders? You betcha!
In world handouts are fun and as usual exceptional is make.
4 artifacts that are hefty as heck.
The maps are on excellent stock and of superb quality. Smaller maps for points of interest are always appreciated and great for re-use. the battle and dungeon maps, I have to say they are great and a bit easier to use than terrain.
Breaking up the books is genius. Now you can hand the player the first book and not worry about them straying into sections they shouldn't be in.
Pre-made characters are great and the Tales from the Warehouse are really well done. The mini adventures have always brought a little something extra to flesh out specific sections of the adventure that can use a side quest.
But no DM screen this time around. Have always enjoyed the custom made screens which really helped act as a guide for the previous adventures/world boxes. Hope not including DM screens is not a trend for future boxes.
Overall another must buy for an DM that can swing it, or for a group that wants to spoil their DM and hint they want to play in Krynn.

Brings you back to the world of Krynn

Just finished unboxing this once again amazing product... High quality, incredible number of in-game items... everything needed to bring your game to the next level... Coming home from a 2 years run of Curse of Strahd, my players have just started a mix of Tyranny of Dragons/Avernus ... so the only bad thing about this DragonLance box, is that it's gonna have to wait for a few months before seeing some action ! Thanks B&G