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Emerald Enclave Brooch (D&D)

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Guard, protect, and grow. 

For the Druid or Ranger in your life.

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Customer Reviews

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Glenn Moyer

The brooch is much larger than I expected, it has gorgeous details and an almost hand cast look with the texture they gave it.

Joshua Myrblom

Emerald Enclave Brooch (D&D)

Garrett Hughes
Great piece

This was a fun item to hand out to my players. Great quality.

Doc Webb
A fantastic prop or badge

I've purchased two of these, one for a player whose character joined the Enclave, and another for myself to keep because I hated to part with the first one! It's wonderfully detailed, sturdy, pleasantly heavy in the hand, and an excellent way to show your dedication to the natural order of things.

Hug a tree today

Love the new B&G badges and necklaces. Very vibrant and made for show.
But there is something about the old Waterdeep badges. They look and feel like artifacts. Like someone actually wore it at some point while adventuring. Like the real deal.
Who knows? Maybe if you hand this to a player a group of druids and rangers will whisk them off to Faerun to fight dragons.