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Emerald Enclave Brooch (D&D)

Emerald Enclave Brooch (D&D)

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Guard, protect, and grow. 

For the Druid or Ranger in your life.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
Gregory Moore
Big and Beautiful

Better than the photos.


Perfectly made and represents what an emerald enclave office badge would look like in real life!

Jill Voorhees
Emerald Enclave Brooch!

I bought this along with all the guild pins or necklaces for my adventuring group.of the lot, the Harpers was the best when it comes to back story - well made and according to the instructions given by the guild to keep it hidden. The Emerald Enclave was much larger and has a very heavy stick pin that could damage clothing.

That said - my entire group LOVED THEM and it made their holiday. Together, I purchased 2 Emerald Enclave, 1 Harpers, 2 Order of the Gauntlet and 1 Arcane Brotherhood. I sent them each along with a personalized letter from their NPC guild contact and they just about squealed with delight. Thank you for doing what you do - it makes the DnD experience so much richer/