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Hell's Infantry Shirt

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You’re going to hell anyway, so fly your colors and unite with the forces of Law as they fight the endlessly entertaining (or just endless) blood wars.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Benjamin Gyurik
Enter Avernus!

This is a very high quality shirt, I've bought many t-shirts that are clearly just printed on Gildan or another manufacturer. They took the effort to use high quality ink and fabric. As far as sizing it's spot on. If you're looking for top notch D&D apparel, look no further Beadle & Grimm has you covered!

Dustin Vickers
Perfect shirt

This shirt fits incredibly well its soft and its perfect for the descent into avernus campaign I'm running.

My favorite shirt :(

This was my favorite shirt, but unfortunately I got a stain on it which I cannot successfully remove and they do not have a replacement in 3xl/4xl. This makes me incredibly sad.

I highly recommend this shirt for anyone who likes devils in the D&D universe. It is very comfortable material and stretches nicely.

Good knockaround shirt

Have found this to be a good shirt to wear for whatever. Running errands, mowing the lawn, just hanging out. This stylish and comfortable shirt will have you covered.
Keep my B&G shirts in the same stack as my concert tees as both are reminders of happy memories. Like trapping a party in hell for an indeterminate amount of time.