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Lake Bral Blasters - Spelljammer T-Shirt (D&D)

Lake Bral Blasters - Spelljammer T-Shirt (D&D)

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There is no other place in all of Wildspace quite like the Rock of Bral. Established by Captain Bral as a pirate refuge, it has since become a major city, attracting profit-seekers, adventurers, and other more respectable types.

And everyone's favorite pastime is to root for their favorite Wildspace Racing Team, the Lake Bral Blasters! So jump into Wildspace, make sure your spelljamming helm is snugly in place, and Let's Go Blasters!


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Customer Reviews

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Too cool for school

The Lake Bral Blasters - Spelljammer T-Shirt lloks great and feels great. Seriously kidss, this is what you should be doing instead of going to school!

Doc Webb
The feeling of nostalgia with a brand new shirt

As someone who (mis?)spent a good chunk of his youth in the wackier parts of AD&D (Spelljammer, Planescape, etc.), it's been a joy to come back to the hobby with my family and find many of these silliest aspects of the hobby alive and well (or resurrected from space hibernation). Many memories of races in the asteroids drifting around the Rock of Bral come flooding back, and I can't wait to relive the absolute nonsense of two-directional gravitational fields with a new generation.

Not only is the design great, though, but the shirt is nicely fitted. I generally wear an XL, and this fits like a charm -- a bit more trim than some t-shirts, but cut nicely, so if you want a baggy shirt rather than a fitted look, consider going up a size. Personally, I am very happy with it, and the material is also very soft and comfortable (to the point where my wife often steals it or keeps running her hands over my shoulders when I'm wearing it, no doubt plotting her next theft).

Okay, space racers! Suit up, get out there, all squids, no ramming!

Cool shirt, runs small.

This is an awesome shirt. I’m normally in between sizes medium and small, just depends on the brand. Got a medium and it is a little tight in chest. Not so tight I want a large, but if you are like me order your larger size.