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Schrodinger's Cat Platinum Edition

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Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews

This is both the best and worst item I have ever received or not received from B&G.

adam buxton
The returns experience was worth it for not ordering

I fought my inner turmoil not to order this for weeks and was really happy with my decision.
So was surprised when nothing arrived but the returns envelope, pre-completed for me to return for the replacement. I'm now on my 4th return, and it's fantastic I've still not received or opened the box. The service is amazing and the quality of the return envelope is everything you'd expect.

James Petree (CyberPaladin)
Best box set more than half of you ordered and less than half of the rest deserve!

I was conflicted at first, but decided to order anyway, against my lesser judgement. I'm very complacently gleeful that I did! I'm terribly excited to open this amazing box that finally never showed up! I believe I'll nickname it the quantum conundrum box without a box! You NAILED it again B&G - a whole hearted thank you from myself and all the other die hard B&G fans!

Jesse Barsugli
It’s nothing I expected it to be, yet everything I didn’t want it to be!

Amazing! You’ve finally outdone yourselves B&G! After months of waiting for my box to ship out, it finally hasn’t arrived. Just the thrill of knowing I was or wasn’t getting anything makes up for the fact that I practically didn’t pay a thing for it. It’s got everything you need and nothing you don’t need. Well thought out. Kudos to your design team for getting it right this time. A perfect balance of everything and nothing. I totally recommend this to everyone and no one and will definitely be looking out for more of nothing in the future to come! :)

Benzie Dio

I ordered it but am not sure if the order went through. We'll see.