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Schrodinger's Cat Platinum Edition

Schrodinger's Cat Platinum Edition

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Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
Exactly as not described

My bank account was drained of no money when I saw this sold out available product. It arrived the day before it was never delivered, which was insignificantly faster than the undeliverable date never quoted to me after I paid, but didn't order this order I placed but didn't pay for.

The outside of the interior of the box looks as you might expect, gorgeously absent and devoid of any appearance. The items inside the exterior of the bag were not boxed in any meaningless way so the packaging was abhorrently present in no detectable manner.


This is both the best and worst item I have ever received or not received from B&G.

adam buxton
The returns experience was worth it for not ordering

I fought my inner turmoil not to order this for weeks and was really happy with my decision.
So was surprised when nothing arrived but the returns envelope, pre-completed for me to return for the replacement. I'm now on my 4th return, and it's fantastic I've still not received or opened the box. The service is amazing and the quality of the return envelope is everything you'd expect.