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Schrodinger's Cat Shirt

Schrodinger's Cat Shirt

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Show your love or total disinterest in particle physics.

Or cats. Or dead cats. 

Or green. 

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Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Carl B
Comfy… or is it?

This miraculous shirt exists simultaneously as the most comfortable shirt you’ll ever wear and the most uncomfortable shirt you aren’t wearing. Until you wear it. And then every time you wear another shirt you’ll be left spending hours in a quandary over whether you would’ve been better served wearing this shirt again. Sure, you have to wash it occasionally… or do you? I won’t judge. But you’re going to love this shirt. Until you’re not wearing it again. And then you’ll miss wearing it. You’ve been made aware and warned.

Schrodinger's Cat

Is it alive or dead? Who really knows.

Rue S Neal

6/5 stars Am incredibly sensitive to fabric texture and this is heavenly soft with a great design can't wait to see what shirts you release in the future. If there is a reply function could I know the vendor you supply through?