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Sinister Silver Edition of Ghosts of Saltmarsh

Sinister Silver Edition of Ghosts of Saltmarsh

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The Sinister Silver Edition of Ghosts of Saltmarsh has returned and is full of the same kinds of quality, game-enhancing items we've included in other Silver Editions: 

  • The Entire Contents of Ghosts of Saltmarsh broken into easy-to-navigate books
    • Seven full adventures
    • A full description of the town of Saltmarsh and environs, including new backgrounds
    • 72 pages of Appendices including ship stats and maps; adventure ideas on the seas, underwater, and on mysterious islands including maps; and key Travel at Sea resources
  • Tons of in-world handouts
  • Encounter Cards
  • Battle Maps, including a dry-erase ship battle map that allows your players to build their own ship
  • Jewelry: a Tharizdun pin and a Shark God medallion
  • Custom sea encounters DM screen
  • Large Area Maps
  • DM Aids
  • and more!*

It’s time to push off into the high seas and run your players through the 7 full adventures designed to take your party from  1st through 12th or 13th level .

*This new Silver Edition will not include the promotional burlap sack included in the original run of the Sinister Silver Edition.

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Customer Reviews

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Kenneth Kelly

Sinister Silver Edition of Ghosts of Saltmarsh

Silver is Gold in my eyes

I'm getting ready to start a Ghosts of Saltmarsh campaign locally and was struggling to find "things" to make the adventure more tangible for my players.

This boxed set exceeds expectations, which were already very high.

There was one minor problem with one of the items (the GM screen had a staple that was pushed through); the warehouse goblins quickly shipped me a replacement that is perfect, so all is good.

Now to go get ready for a TPK. :)
Might be just kidding ... I'll leave it at that.

Great Box with lots of supplement Potential for a Future Box:

I know this is going to be an odd post but I hope B&G’s takes note on these potential thoughts and ideas. I love the box and the contents in it, but I wish there was more for the price that it was. I’m HAPPY and ELATED they brought the box back and I understand that it was an earlier product that formed the foundation for future boxes to be built off of design wise. That being said, I hope they ADD to the idea later on with these concepts:

1. Adding a bonus encounters booklet online. I’d pay for a bonus encounters booklet with encounters that expands what is offered on the encounters sheet. Lots of cool ideas but as a baby DM it can be overwhelming building an encounter spanning 2-3 sessions from a 1-2 paragraph description.

2. NPC stat block cards: I’d love to see stat blocks for the council members as well as other notable NPCs like Captain Xendros.

3. Completion coin included in the supplemental materials as well as a trinket of some type (perhaps coins with Saltmarsh logo on it or maybe a townsguard badge)

4. Magic Item Cards for the magic items in the book as well as 2-3 magic item cards for the unique encounters deck to make the B&G’s items more immersive.

5. A cloth map of the open sea for ship encounters w/ minis as well as a fold out map of the geographical terrain of ghosts of Saltmarsh.

6. Wine bottle labels that can be added to wine bottles for “black market” goods. Maybe include a wanted ad for a NPC pirate or two.

Maybe consider putting these in cardboard box that looks like a shipping crate with the Saltmarsh trading company logo on it.

These items would be fantastic to have to add to this box and I know many would be willing to invest in them price wise. Those who bought the original box would benefit from these as well as those who purchased the released box. The cardboard box would be fantastic to use as a supplemental tool when players “open” the crate to see what contents are in it.

There’s so much potential to creating supplemental boxes for ghosts of Saltmarsh that I know it would be worth the wait knowing that B&G’s puts a lot of quality, time and effort into their products.

As far as THIS box goes: I love the items it does include in it and I cannot wait to use them in my campaign for the ghosts of Saltmarsh. There’s a lot of player aids and tools to make this a fun and immersive game that’s enjoyed by all! Another hit to add to my B&G’s campaign box collection. 5/5 WOULD recommend with that IS inside this box.