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Sinister Silver Edition of Ghosts of Saltmarsh

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The Sinister Silver Edition of Ghosts of Saltmarsh has returned and is full of the same kinds of quality, game-enhancing items we've included in other Silver Editions: 

  • The Entire Contents of Ghosts of Saltmarsh broken into easy-to-navigate books
    • Seven full adventures
    • A full description of the town of Saltmarsh and environs, including new backgrounds
    • 72 pages of Appendices including ship stats and maps; adventure ideas on the seas, underwater, and on mysterious islands including maps; and key Travel at Sea resources
  • Tons of in-world handouts
  • Encounter Cards
  • Battle Maps, including a dry-erase ship battle map that allows your players to build their own ship
  • Jewelry: a Tharizdun pin and a Shark God medallion
  • Custom sea encounters DM screen
  • Large Area Maps
  • DM Aids
  • and more!*

It’s time to push off into the high seas and run your players through the 7 full adventures designed to take your party from  1st through 12th or 13th level .

*This new Silver Edition will not include the promotional burlap sack included in the original run of the Sinister Silver Edition.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 1 review
This box packs it in!

Enjoyed the Platinum Waterdeep box. But after this one arrived was B&G for life.
This box is full. And the content is all on point and of great quality. The battlemaps are fantastic but the handouts steal the show. The artifacts are solid and impressive.
If you like Saltmarsh this is your box. If you like sea adventures, this is also your box. And the ship combat rules can be repurposed if you own Spelljammer.
Did I mention the box acts as a prop for an adventure?