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Soul Coin (D&D)

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Coin of the realm, as it were.

Don’t visit hell without it!

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Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
Antónia Costa

Just amazing. You made the perfect gift come true!

Arjen van den Berg
It's very good!

The coin is weighty and quite wide, luckly not as wide as the original fan art is otherwise it would be like 12kg. The detail on it and the infernal is stunningly beautiful.

Edward Porrini
Quality Items

Bought 5 of these for my group that beat the Avernus campaign. Very happy with the quality and feel.

Chris Kelly

I ordered 5 coins to commemorate the completion of the adventure for my players and put them into tarot bags for presentation.

A little thinner on the outside, thicker with relief areas toward the center. The coins I got appear hand finished, one of them had what I thought were scratches but it was just a heavier hand on the detailing.

All of the players really loved them.

Keith Phemister
Sinisterly memorable

My players in Descent into Avernus have not gotten to the war-machine chapter yet, but they are collecting a few of these. Having a physical object of this level of craftsmanship has set their imaginations alight. I can't wait to see their faces when the other shoe drops and they realize what a Soul Coin is, and what it's used for