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Platinum Edition of Spelljammer: Adventures in Space

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Mars needs Goblins!*

Actually, this has nothing to do with Mars, but it does have to do with space.

Also, no goblins to speak of.

So maybe we walk that title back and start over.

Wildspace needs you!**

Get ready for the greatest space adventure of all time—yours! Jump into the Wildspace adventure of Spelljammer: Adventures in Space*** and explore new worlds, encounter new creatures,**** and jump from spaceship to spaceship like the Space Pirate you always wanted to be!
This Limited Edition Platinum set includes:
  • Collector's Platinum Edition Box
  • Exploded Books: all three books included as soft-covers with a player-only section
  • DM Screen: original art outside with Spelljammer specifics inside
  • Pre-generated characters specific to a Spelljammer campaign setting
  • Encounter Cards and Ship Cards to show your players the creatures, NPCs and ships they'll encounter on their astral adventure
  • Booklet of Bonus Encounters with original adventures and art
  • In-world handouts to give to your players
  • Map Tube with original battle maps and poster-size map
  • A package of individual ship maps
  • All new Spelljammer: Adventures in Space magic item and spell cards
  • Amazing In-world artifacts
  • 20 specially curated WizKids pre-painted Spelljammer minis in their own collector's box

    * No one needs goblins.
    ** Unless you’re a goblin (see above).
    *** See, that worked out fine. At Beadle & Grimm’s our creative process is built around surprise, fear, speed, and very little editing.
    **** Maybe even goblins. One can dream.

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    Customer Reviews

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    Anthony Vaughan

    This is kobold discrimination!!! Space Needs Kobolds and the crystal spheres are calling!!

    So what's a Platinum Edition? I'm glad you asked.

    Until the adventure is released, we can't spoil the fun by revealing EXACTLY what all the elements are that are in our Platinum Edition. BUT we can dance right up to the line and give you a good a description as we can of what will be IN THE BOX! Box elements are not yet final and we reserve the right to change elements up until release.

    The Entire Book Contents (of course!)

    It’s in there!

    The contents of the three books are included in soft cover form, including sections designed exclusively for the eyes of players. In addition, most of the illustrations have been pulled out onto separate pages to make them easier to reference or show your players during the game. Each one is marked with the encounter it’s associated with.

    Have everything you need at your fingertips. Show the players only what they need to see and nothing more.

    Minis. Lots of Minis.

    20 Minis. Terrible. Wonderful. Wild. Colorful.

    20 fully painted WizKids minis from the Spelljammer: Adventures in Space set, all included in that exclusive and beautiful package. Put them right there on the map and let the players know just how much trouble they’re really in.

    Here's what we can say about the minis so far:

    • All 20 minis are NPCs and Creatures
    • 8 are named NPCs that are key to the adventure
    • 12 are creatures that play key roles in the adventure, including at least 3 Huge minis 
    • Most of the creatures are new monsters from Boo's Astral Menagerie

    Maps. And Maps. (And more Maps!)

    You still need maps in space!

    Gravity may do strange things out in WIldspace, but 5' grids work just as well out there as in any dragon's lair. And this Platinum Edition includes Battle Maps, Area Maps, and Ship Maps so you always know where you are—even when you have no idea how you got there. And they're all stored in a beautiful, space-worthy Map Tube. [These maps are NOT from Spelljammer but are examples from previous Editions.]

    Encounter Cards.

    Space Monsters. Astral Allies. Ships.

    You run into a lot of interesting things while you're spelljamming across Wildspace. And these cards help you show your players what those things are. Whether they fight them, befriend them, or just get swallowed whole is entirely up to them! [These encounter cards are NOT from Spelljammer but are examples from previous Editions.]

    Artifacts and Handouts.

    Badges, magical artifacts, rings and amulets of amazing power. Also letters and notes, papery things that your players can read and glean information from. All the things that players can touch and feel and evoke the world of the adventure. [These images are NOT from Spelljammer but are examples from previous Editions.]

    Custom Dungeon Master's Screen

    The Beadle & Grimm's exclusive Dungeon Master's Screen has original art and Spelljammer-specific content and is designed specifically for these premium editions—available here and nowhere else!

    Give your players something to feast their eyes on and keep them in the world of Spelljammer.

    All the information you need at your fingertips. Running a game can get complicated. We try to make sure you don’t have to interrupt the flow to get that one fiddly piece of information you need.

    Is That All?

    HECK NO!
    There's pre-built characters, bonus encounters, original art, DM Aids, Player Aids, and a ton of other stuff, but that's all we have time for today [we have union rules about more than 8 yards of scrolling content for one product].