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Tal'Dorei Coin of the Realm (Set of 3) (Critical Role)

Tal'Dorei Coin of the Realm (Set of 3) (Critical Role)

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Due to inventory management by the goblins, this product is temporarily back-ordered and will be available again in early April 2024.

The coins of the realm feature Zan Tal'Dorei on one side, and the Lawbearer symbol on the other. These 1.5" high metal coins land with a real 'clink.' You gotta have at least three.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews

Who doesn't love coins? These are absolutely stellar for Critical Role.

Zombii Jiisus
Amazing Coins!

I got the Tal’Dorei box set, and I bought extra coins to give to players. I did the same with the Strahd set, and my players loved it. An amazing handout and an inexpensive way to give players a real world souvenir from their campaign. Hoping you’ll sell extra steel coins from Dragonlance too!!!

adam buxton
Coin in the hand worth a chest full in the imagination

I love giving players physical elements of the game, and having a coin to pass over or throw down when it is needed just works so well. Tip a tal'dorei coin to your bard..