Let's face it, it would have been more fun in person.

But that said, it was great connecting with you all on Twitch! We talked, you asked questions, we drank and generally made fools of ourselves. It was enough to warm an old goblin's heart.

For us, the most exciting part was getting to share with you (some) of what we've been working on. Specifically, the Platinum Edition of Icewind Dale: Rime of the Frostmaiden.

And, um, I'm guessing you liked it too, as it flew off the virtual shelves. In terms of sales, we're already ahead in one weekend where were after 10 weeks of sales last year. Which just means, if you want a solid block of icy Platinum terror, you should get a move on.

We had so much fun that we think we'll do it again at Gen Con! More details to follow.

We'll definitely spend a little more time on Twitch in the coming weeks and months, as the older members of the team sort of understand it now, or in any case find it less frightening. The fact that we're allowed to drink and act like the old loons that we truly, truly are, is a rather distinct bonus.

Anyway, thanks again for joining us on a pretty big weekend for us, and for putting up with our antics on the inter webs.

Happy adventuring,
Supreme Marketing Goblin