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Beadle's Spleen

Beadle's Spleen

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Exactly what it sounds like. Beadle's spleen.

If you still have questions, it's not for you.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Howard Mann

Your shipping goblins have packaged the Spleen with the Schrodigers' Cat Edition, and I can't open the box to tell if I have the steel, gold, silver, or platinum spleen.

Optimistic, but a question

I haven't taken mine out of the box yet, but it is leaking and starting to smell. Is this normal, and did I miss some form of instruction on how to best store this for game night use...? Also of note, the package appears to be of some soft, fleashy colored pigskin. Cudos for immersion and the possibility of using the packaging for part of my cosplay mask, very environmentally concious of the team. But I would have liked a heads up on best storage practice...

Tastes delicious

I was trying to save this for my flesh golem kit but I ate it..

Do golem's really need a spleen anyway?